Top PopAds review for publishers, daily withdrawals, easy PopAds traffic requirements and payments

PopAds review for publishers

In this PopAds review for publishers, we’ll go through all necessary traffic requirements, PopAds payment options, PopAds approval time and Adsense compatibility.

If you don’t acquire Adsense clearance or are a new blogger, you may simply make money from your site by using these ad networks.

What Exactly Is PopAds?

PopAds is one of the greatest and most well-known ad networks for bloggers looking to monetise their sites.

Let me assure you that PopAds will quickly approve whatever sort of material you have on your blog. PopAds’ payout is one of its most important features. The minimum payment is around $5.

Read top PopAds reviews for publishers. PopAds review for publishers

If you don’t acquire Adsense clearance or are a new blogger, you may simply make money from your site by using these ad networks.

PopAds is a high-end pop-under advertising network. For publishers that want to monetise their ad inventory, the PopAds ad network features a very quick and simple approval procedure.

The bidding system in PopAds is noteworthy because it allows publishers to determine the minimum bid that they will accept from advertisers.

PopAds review for publishers, PopAds features

Even if your website is brand new, you may join PopAds as a publisher. You’ll have total control over the advertisements that appear on your website.

In this PopAds review for publishers, PopAds promises to be the safest ad network by ensuring the safety of its publisher income and data. To improve security, they’ve implemented two-factor authentication and activity logs.

1. The CPV model

PopAds gives publishers a significant advantage because it supports the cost-per-view paradigm. This implies that the publisher is paid anytime a visitor visits a website and clicks anywhere around the popunder ad. The visitor is not obligated to click on the advertisement.

2. Ads that appear behind the fold

PopAds was a company that specialized in pop-under adverts. The nicest thing about this ad kind is that it doesn’t take up any space on your website because the adverts appear in their browser tab or window. ensures additional revenue for webmasters and bloggers in this way.

3. A high cost per thousand impressions (CPM) rate is well-known for its low costs. It pays publishers a respectable eCPM rate. The cost per thousand impressions (CPM) varies depending on the traffic source (different rates for different countries).

4. Payment barrier is low

PopAds has a $5 payment barrier, which is rather low. As a result, if publishers earn $5, they may withdraw it via PayPal, Payoneer, or wire transfer. Referral commissions of 10% are also paid by the ad network.

Ad Types on PopAds:

They are only pop advertising for all types of traffic, namely:

  • Pop-under
  • Pop-up
  • Tab-up
  • Tab-under

PopAds makes monetization simple. All you have to do now is sign up as a webmaster and wait for an approval email from them.

At the time of publishing, this PopAds review for publishers found no particular prerequisites for receiving PopAds clearance throughout our PopAds review.

They allow all types of websites, including subdomains, adult sites, and non-adult material, making them unsuitable for Adsense. It is a not Google Certified Publishing Partner. You can signup at

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