Sonar decoder channels, free to air new features and cost

Sonar Decoder channel list

Free to air Sonar decoders help in saving monthly cash as it is a one-time fee during purchase.

There are so many decoders that have invaded the market worldwide with each promising better services.

What is the cost Sonar decoder? Sonar decoder has how many channels? Get over 70 channels both local and international. The decoder is a free to air and shows mainly PANG and Signet channels.

Sonar Free to Air(FTA) Decoder is the excellent digital tv decoder for home or office.

Sonar decoder services have no monthly subscription. Subscribers pay one-time fee.

The decoder offers access to an assortment of local channels free for life, any family can now enjoy tv like never before on Africa.

Sonar Decoder channels list

The Sonar Free to Air Decoder is full HD with crystal clear images at home or office.

The decoder has HDMI to connect to the television for clear display and even has a USB port for use.

 There are main channels distributions across Africa on free to air platform. They are distributed by two main agents namely; Pan Africa Group (PANG) and Signet.

Local free-to-air channels depend on the country in Africa and have exclusive rights for some content.

There are over 70 channels on free to air platform that is distributed equally across all decoders with exception of just a few.

People can buy the decoders online or major markets outlined.


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