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Adipolo review for Publishers

Adipolo review for publishers. Adipolo Ads reviews for publishers who want to monetise their sites.

After getting several emails from the Adipolo advertising company and tested some, we concluded that sharing the experience is worth it.

Who is Adipolo? Adipolo Is an advertising technology company, based in the US and Tel Aviv, Israel and also is Google premium partner.

They have a strong demand stack and direct programmatic advertisers for both Display (desktop/mobile) and Video ads (Instream/ Outstream).

Just like any other ad serving company, they have multiple ad formats that any publisher display needs.

Adipolo review for publishers

Adipolo review on buying traffic (CPM)

Adipolo buys traffic and is ready to buy based on a CPM model.

They said the CPM is based on (the range of about $5- $15), integration is easy and simple, just like Google Adsense.

The company payment is based on the Ad traffic. The payment terms are Net 30 days.

“Working with us will uplift your revenue by more than 30%, ” said one of the representatives.

However, one of their clients was not satisfied with the approach and had resisted though it is a good verified company.

Adipolo review from publishers

“They spoke about integrating their video ads into my sites, and even though I don’t like spammers I thought I’d give it a try, why not.

“They sent me a code. That code doesn’t work. They didn’t send a commitment, they didn’t even make me register at their website, I don’t have access to any sort of dashboard/panel, they just told me to include their code in my websites.

” I asked what the ads look like and how do they behave. They answered with questionable answers like “we have different formats”, etc. But they sent me one code, I’m asking how that code they sent will look like (if it ever works), ” of the clients said.

Later, Adipolo officials contacted and guided the integration process.

However, the client disclosed that after testing the ads, they saw a slight increase in their revenues but could not specify the range or percentage.

Adipolo Review

  • The payment limit is not specified.
  • None has withdrawn from Adipolo
  • No proof payment
  • No concrete code for ads
  • No contract or commitment
  • No Minimum or Maximium traffic required

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