How to get best beIN sports decoders in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda

beIN sports decoders in Kenya

How can I get beIN sports decoders in East African countries such as Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda, and how do I install them on satellite dishes that are compatible with Eutelsat 7 West? How can residents of Kenya and those of other east African countries watch beIN sports channels? The pricey monopoly DSTV has been fighting to reclaim its long-lost glory.

Dstv Kenya, the most expensive pay-TV Company in Kenya and Sub-Saharan Africa now on its knees soon to be replaced by the very cheap beIN sports decoders.

After increasing subscription prices now the monopoly the Dstv enjoys is slowly coming to an end, especially for Premium football content. 

Now DSTV is losing customers to Startimes and Zuku for viewers who do not like football content.

beIN Sports decoders in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania and installation
beIN sports decoders in Uganda and Tanzania

Now some people will buy ZUKU, StarTimes and others like Azam while they watch football at a pub somewhere with beIN sports decoders connected.

So where does this leave clever Kenyans who want to watch the EPL from the comfort of their houses? The answer is beIN sports.

What exactly are beIN sports? beIN Sports is a company that has obtained the rights to broadcast premium football content throughout the Middle East and North Africa regions, including Somalia. This includes beIN Sports’ ability to broadcast beIN Super League matches.

Is beIN sports available in Kenyan stalls?

They transmit their content using the Eutelsat 7 West satellite, and the same beam can be easily received in Kenya, Ethiopia, and Uganda. With larger dishes, it is also possible to receive it in Tanzania.

beIN Sports is live in Kenya and other East Africa at large. 

But it is not legal to have beIN Sports decoders and subscription cards in Kenya. 

However, Only Dstv has the right to air the Premium football content from Europe at whatever rates they prefer, so if they get you they will seize your equipment and probably press charges against you. Why?

All of the Supersport channels are accessible through the Premium Package, which costs more than Ksh7,000 per month, whereas beIN Sports provides coverage of all football action for an annual cost that averages Ksh13, 000.

Shows everything from the EPL, Bundesliga, Serie A, La Liga, Carling Cup, FA Cup and any other you might think of.

Let’s do the math

Dstv 7,000 X 12 Months is Ksh84, 000 per year

beIN Ksh13, 000 per year

The difference is Ksh71, 000.

Where to buy beIN sports decoders in Kenya? 

Pubs and football lovers are now turning to beIN sports decoders with a subscription through kins in UAE are realizing this and are going for the cheaper decoder. This is the most desirable alternative to Dstv for a small pub, club or football hall.

There are no shops in East Africa somebody can purchase a beIN decoder. So where else do you get it? They are imported from UAE. After installation, the activation is done with contacts in the UAE too.

What the problem of having beIN Sports

Multichoice has the sole rights to offer football content in Sub-Saharan Africa and Southern Africa. beIN Sports, on the other hand, being a company from the Middle East, has the rights to offer football to countries in the Middle East and North African Regions only.

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