How to validate Schema Markup of a Blogger, WordPress website and checking schema errors easily

How to validate Schema Markup

How do you validate Schema Markup for a website? Schema Markup is the essential part of the website layout that ranks on the internet. How to validate Schema Markup of a Blogger, WordPress and other website types? A website can have schema errors but does not break the webpage structure.

Schema errors break the SEO if not executed properly. Checking Schema Markup data to check the SEO friendliness of a website is very important.

However, this markup is not visible to the general users but can be understood by the search engines for the rich snippet results.

To tell the Schema Markup tags on the WordPress or Blogger webpage, go to Google Schema Markup tester or Rich Results Test – Google Search Console.

How to Validate Schema Markup data of a website?

You’ve to check schema markup for the following pages of your blog.

  1. The HomePage
  2. For Posts.
  3. And Pages

For those with online stores, check the Schema for product pages.

Blogger User SEO

For Blogger posts, publishers of the Blogposting or Article Schema tag for posts. If there is no such kind of Schema in test results, there is a need of upgrading the blogger theme. 

WordPress Users Schema Markup Tags

WordPress users can use Yoast SEO, All in one schema, RankMath, Jetpack among other SEO plugins to add schema markup to their web pages. 

Please check/validate your schema data using the Google Schema Markup tester.

After validating all 3, one must go through to know whether is any error. Is it showing anything? There are errors and warnings. All pages are significant for Schema Markup tags.

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