How comments on other sites can make or kill your blog instantly

comments on other blogs

We all understand the benefits of leaving comments on other blogs for the advantages of visitors, marketing, and backlinks.

Making a distinction between personality and creating a solid brand is challenging. Some of you may be familiar with the urge to use your topic as your commentary name and provide a link to your greatest piece. That’s a mistake.

One of the simplest methods to increase traffic is to leave comments.

Strong discussion routines have several advantages, including creating backlinks and developing connections with other bloggers.

Intense discussion routines have several advantages, including creating backlinks and developing connections with other bloggers. There are many who, however, care about quantity, maybe mistaking it for increased traffic and better interactions with other bloggers.
Responses will only be helpful if they are valuable contributions to the content and make sense.
Better than quantity is quality.

I can speak from my own experience when I say that good ways of contributing have helped my blog and that leaving thoughtful, helpful comments on other blogs has helped me make good connections with other bloggers.

What kinds of comments on blogs do we detest?

I monitor more than 100 comments every day, and I am aware of the kinds of words that make me feel good or give me something to think about and the types of comments that make me feel bad or have no effect at all.

For instance; Nice details! Great sharing!”Good post”Amazing article!

Even if they are favourable comments, they don’t contribute anything to the content. Nobody wants to read pointless nonsense that is just filler. Commenting on a blog should only be done to improve the content.

Commenting on blogs

If you leave two- or three-word comments on other blogs that don’t add anything, you’re not trying to upset other bloggers. Instead, you’re digging your own grave and, more importantly, the grave of the other blogger.

Even if you leave 100 comments on 100 different blog posts, you won’t build a good relationship with the writer, you won’t get anything out of it, and it will hurt your reputation.

How can you make your comments more valuable?

Value Addition to the comments

Let’s talk about how to establish a routine for leaving thoughtful, positive comments that can help you, your fellow bloggers, and your followers.

To add a brand or personal picture to your commenting profile, I first advise you to sign up for Gravatar. This is an essential requirement if you want to build your brand.

Next, consider how you may contribute value to any blog article that you find helpful or important in some way.

If you read a piece that, in your opinion, is just worthy of “good info” or “good share,” don’t leave a comment since you don’t have anything insightful to say. However, if you like the content, you may want to think about sharing it with others to express your gratitude and/or respect.

What do you think?

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