Backlash as Manager found out Nay wa Mitego adoring his new attractive wife

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Former DJ and Manager Masbato accuses his former boss, Bongo star Nay Wa Mitego, of having an affair behind Masbato’s back with his wife.

He opened up by stating that the reason the artist did not want to work with him was because the manager Masbato discovered a “message” on his wife’s phone asking her to be in a relationship with Nay Wa Mitego. This was the reason the artist did not want to work with him.

Dj Msabato said the incident led to a confrontation with his ‘boss’. That is where the difference between them began until the DJ decided to stop working together.

Nay wa Mitego secrecy

“Nay wa Mitego wanted to trap, grab and steal my wife. I did not like the issue. I followed her, ” the manager alleged.

“She became upset when I saw a message that confirmed my suspicion that he was seducing the woman whom I chose, ” the manager said.

Nay wa mitego and dj Msabato
Nay DJ 1

“I tried to tell him but he refused. That is what prompted my decision to leave so we wouldn’t get along,” said Dj Msabato.

After the accusation, the well-known Bongo artist and songwriter disappeared from the internet.

The Bongo star is yet to respond to the said allegations.

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