10+ Best free article submission sites to boost your website search, backlinks, SEO

free article submission sites

Free article submission sites are areas where website owners can publish articles for free, and often with instant clearance.

These help in publishing articles to promote a brand, business, informational topics, or any area of expertise.

The most significant advantage for many content writers and bloggers is that they can contain links in the articles back to the owners’ site.

There are two styles of links: dofollow and nofollow. A dofollow link is of higher value because it can pass on some authority to your blog.

Why use article submission sites?

Previously, we moved on to the list of article submission platforms. Obtaining a comprehensive grasp of article submission is the first step.

Links to a High-Quality and Respectable Authority

The vast majority of websites that allow you to submit articles provide you with the opportunity to include a link to your website inside the text of the article.

Therefore, if you publish an article on one of the many free article submission sites available, you will be able to increase the number of high-quality and authoritative links pointing to your blogs.

Accumulation of more domain authority

If you publish an article on third-party websites and include an author bio with a link back to your online presence, then it will certainly assist you in increasing your domain authority. The majority of these article submission sites offer the option to include an author bio inside the post.

This will not only assist you in expanding your company but also in increasing the number of individuals who are aware of it thanks to your website.

Increase in the appearance of websites when searched

It is also able to assist you in improving the search look of your website across a variety of search engines, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others. Your blog will get a greater amount of traffic in proportion to the number of times that your website is indexed by search engines.

Therefore, article posting is a necessary component of off-page SEO in order to increase the amount of organic traffic that visits your website.

However, the nofollow link still has some SEO value.

best free article submission sites
free article submission sites list

Free article submission sites

Below are the best free article submission sites.


Undoubtedly, it is one of the best link-building mediums presented by Google. This free page creation tool is Alexa’s number one article submission site to add sense to blogs.


Has the second-best rating, it is among the top article submission sites with a good audience.


A decent paid article publishing site, allows users to post their content on more than 2000 web pages. 


Another widespread free article submission,, has the feature to write on one topic or combine multiple articles and share blogs and stories.


A premium place with instant approval, has more areas to submit your articles for a wider readership.


Its great content platform, Quora offers content in a question-and-answer format. It is a fantastic free article publishing site as you can tap directly on the target audience while scoring plenty of backlinks.


This has microblogs on Tumblr and shares content with several publishers by creating your blog in no time. 


Articlebiz is famous amongst readers and publishers. It has a substantial audience base coming for its extensive database of articles.


Known for its scope of publicity and marketing, this free site presents an extensive range of content types to its readers.


With a wide scope of classifications to study, has a large approval rate among the other free article submission sites.


Content submission sites are websites where you can post your own original content.

On the internet, article submission may be done on a wide variety of websites, both paid and unpaid.

Webmasters have a fantastic opportunity to increase their traffic and their Google position by submitting their content to article submission platforms.

Those are among the best free article submission sites. The majority of these free article submission sites provide immediate authorization upon registration.

Free Article submission sites have been extensively used in business ever since their inception. In general, quality websites will ask for payment; however, we have listed in this post a few websites that do not need payment for article submissions.

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