Best actress ‘Johari’ Blandina Chagula net worth increased after acquiring RJ films and salvation

blandina chagula net worth

Blandina Chagula (born on July 27, 1983, in Shinyanga region, Tanzania) is an actor in TV shows and films in Tanzania. Blandina Changula is known for bongo movies with the late Steven Kanumba and Vincent Kigosi.
Johari Chagula went to Bugoyi School for her elementary school years, from 1990 to 1997. From 1998 to 1999, she went to Buluba Day Secondary School in Shinyanga.

When she was in the second form, she was transferred to the Kanawa boarding school in the Shinyanga region from 1999 to 2000, and the same year after entering the third form, she was transferred again to the city of Dar es Salaam in the Greens school located in Temeke before being transferred to Ubungo, the school where she finished her fourth form in 2001.

Blandina Chagula is from the Kaole Sanaa Group, a group that is well-known in Tanzania for producing many stars. Blandina is one of those stars; others are Steven Kanumba, Vincent Kigosi (Mr Ray), Tea, and many others from the Kaole Art Group.

So far, she has released many films; he is also the owner of the RJ film production company.

In 2018, Blandina Chagula, aka “Johari,” changed her lifestyle and promised to be saved in order to be closer to God, including giving up strange lifestyles such as alcohol use and men.

Johari said that she has found out that life is short on earth, so it is good to clear the way and return to God, who is the saviour of human life.

“I completely give up worldly things; I no longer want alcohol or to get involved in any other life that displeases God; I have done many things that are not good.” “As a human being, I plan to be new, and I say absolutely that I am saved,” said Johari in 2018.

Johari – Blandina Chagula net worth

Blandina Changula alias Johari is said to have approximately $900,000 net worth majorly from her movie production company and fashion empire in East Africa.

She has done films like Bed Rest, Bad Luck, Wrong Hope, Peace of Mind, and Fair Decision, among others.

blandina chagula net worth - Johari Chagula
blandina chagula net worth

She has done films with several actors, including:

  • Steven Kanumba
  • Vincent Kigosi
  • Muhsein Awadh
  • Ally Chaowa
  • Kulwa Kikumba
  • Mwanaidi Suka
  • Nuru Nassoro
  • Ndumbagwe Misayo
  • Donah Redson
  • Fatuma Makongoro
  • Emmanuel Myamba
  • Charles Magari
  • Fatuma Mvura
  • Mohamed Mwikongi
  • Fadhili Omar


  • Mercy Johson
  • Nkilu Sylvanus
  • Nancy Okeke
  • Bimbo Ankintola

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