[VIDEO] Tanzania musician Saraphina Michael ‘Phina’ confess on captivating Nyash enhancement claims

Saraphina Michael well known as Phina music with big nyash

Allegations that Tanzanian fast-rising bongo flava music star Saraphina Michael, better known as Phina, had a lower abdominal – butt enhancement – to achieve her body shape are now spreading in east Africa.

During an interview, Saraphina Michael said that her anatomy has not been subjected to any surgeries, and she went on to say that her talents are those that she was born with.

She said that the stockings that she wore throughout her presentation caused her derriere to stick out more than usual.

“I don’t pay any attention to the haters because I know that God laboured carefully over my creation. My rear end is completely unaltered. Since I am certain that it is happening, I no longer worry about it.”

Artist Saraphina Michael booty enlargement

In addition, Phina is building a name for herself in the music scene of East Africa. Saraphina Michael just came out with a new extended play (EP) that consists of three tracks.

Zinduna, Smile, and Rara, featuring Juma Jux, are the three new songs that the Upo Nyonyo vocalist has released.

Saraphina Michael well known as Phina music with big nyash
Phina Bongo artist bottom

On March 3, 2023, project number 3.3.3 was made available to the public.

After Saraphina Michael’s performance at the Sound City MVP Awards, in which she instructed the crowd to memorize her appearance, the project is now performing well in Africa. This comes after Phina performed there.

Since then, the public as well as the media from the centre, west, and south of Africa have indeed been watching her attentively, which is a positive thing for the music business in our region of east Africa.

After her victory in the Bongo Star Search contest, Saraphina Michael was able to showcase her talents to the audience.

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