Comedian Doris Dove confesses to Crazy Kennar’s love, pained after introducing his fiancée

Doris Dove

Comedian Doris Dove reveals pure love for fellow comedian Crazy Kennar. Online comments from Kenyans have been divided in response to comedian Doris Dove’s assertion that she is frustrated that Crazy Kennar has revealed his fiancée.

When crazy Kennar uploaded pictures on her Facebook page, Doris reacted to them. Using the hashtag “On a quest to battle despair,” Kennar posted numerously.

In response to the posts, Doris Dove expressed her anger and said that she was sad.

“Tangu nirealise uko na girlfriend,depression karibu namalisa mimi😭😭,” she wrote.

Unbeknownst to most people, Crazy Kennar is allegedly dating Natalie Asewe, a stunning woman.

In 2022, online dating speculations first surfaced.

Natalie has been able to remain anonymous, unlike the fiancées of many superstars. She does, however, sometimes appear in Crazy Kennar’s sketches.

Doris Dove

Natalie Asewe also owns and operates a company. Also, she oversees the Crazy Kennar’s Quick Desserts eatery on Juja.

Doris Dove love for Nick Ruto

Doris Dove also adores Nick Ruto. Late last year, the comedian ignited the blogosphere once again with her complaint that Nick Ruto, the son of President William Ruto, was keeping her up at night.

Doris said that she had a fantasy of being married to the son of the head of state, while praising his good looks.

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