Lust for life! 5 Best Kenyan Women Travel Bloggers to Meet and accommodative

Kenyan Women Travel Bloggers

You are free to fulfil your desire to travel once again in Kenya now that the limitations placed on tourists have been relaxed. We will highlight the Best Kenyan Women Travel Bloggers to Meet in this century.
The following five female travel blogs might thus be of use to you if you are seeking travel tips or ideas.
They discuss the challenges they faced as women travellers and provide practical advice on how to get around the nation and in other countries. Below are the Best Kenyan Women Travel Bloggers to Meet and have a chat with to be inspired.

Rachael of Safari 254

Rachel has won the Kenyan Travel Blog Award not once, not twice, but three times. Her blog, Safari254, is well designed and packed with information that may be useful when travelling.
This website also allows you to make travel reservations. After returning from her semester spent studying in another country, Rachael was motivated to launch her own travel blog.
She collaborates closely with prominent figures in the sector to provide us with the highest quality of Kenya’s tourism.

The African Trotter’s Name Is Rupi

For many years, Rupi Mangat has been entertaining us with stories from her travels around the Saturday Nation. Her blog has posts from as far back as twenty years ago.

Mangat is an experienced traveller who has a lot of information about travel and tourism in Kenya and other countries. Rupi is deeply committed to the causes of environmental protection and social equity.


Every Monday, Kemzy will write a new entry for his blog. She does a lot of sightseeing around the nation, and you can always depend on her to be up to something interesting on the weekends.

If you are on a tight budget, she could recommend that you check out some of her amazing, undiscovered treasures. Her critiques of restaurants are entertaining, yet she never says anything unpleasant about them. Kemzy is the app for you if you have a passion for both eating and travelling.

Tembea na Mo

Maureen of Tembea na Mo has been posting since 2015. She travels all over the nation and writes wonderful and trustworthy evaluations of the restaurants, hotels, and shops that she sees.

Kenyan Women Travel Bloggers
Travel bloggers 1

Moving on to Garissa from Kilifi, Maureen has spoken about everything from the most run-down cafes to the most opulent hotels. Thanks to her blog, you get to experience travel that is not restricted by social standing.

Eva Mtalii

Eva provides guidance on how to budget for travel both domestically and internationally. She has travelled extensively around the United States and provides specific information on each of her recent stops.

In addition to that, she provides advice on how to make the most of one’s hotel stay and one’s flight reservations. During the last ten years, Eva has visited more than fifty countries all over the globe. She is your best resource for finding affordable places to stay.

Conclusion on the Kenyan Women Travel Bloggers

If you are just beginning your adventure as a blogger, the best Kenyan women travel bloggers for you to meet in person are listed below.

The other female bloggers are kind and welcoming, and they are always willing to provide guidance and help you make money together.

There has been a recent uptick in the number of Kenyan travel blogs. They have found plenty of sites where individuals may relax and enjoy themselves while spending their money.

The most popular bloggers have been receiving freebies and other benefits from hotels in an effort to drive up hotel prices. Travel blogging is a common practise among many women in the country.

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