Shona Shona song boast 50M views, fans applauded on Sidharth Shukla birthday

Shona Shona hit shona shona song

Shona Shona song boast 50M views on youtube and fans applauded on Sidharth Shukla birthday.

Indias finest Actor, Model and Singer Sidharth Shukla celebrate his birthday with a bang. 

Shona Shona, his most recent hit, has sold 50 million copies in 20 days. Now has 700 million views.

The superstar narrates how grateful it was to have a good birthday with a trending hit.

Shona Shona song finally hits 50M views on Sidharth’s birthday.

The hit Shona Shona by Tony Kakkar, Neha Kakkar ft. Sidharth Shukla and Shehnaaz Gill alias Anshul Garg become the topic in Mumbai, India.

Shona Shona song

” Congratulations to the whole team! Hey, @sidharth_shukla take this as a birthday present from all of us, ” Tony Kakkar said while wishing his friend birthday.

“All the best for your future projects, ” he added.

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