Abdu Kiba clear the air on media over Nandy astonishing video attitude

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Abdu Kiba told the media the truth about his brother Ali Kiba and Nandy’s shocking behavior in a behind-the-scenes video after a fight with his wife’s mother, Aileen Alora.

Abdu Kiba, the younger brother of bongo celebrity Alikiba who is signed to Kings Music Records, has broken his silence on the controversy surrounding Nandy and Alikiba’s music video that has been raging online.

He went on to say that the video has led to misunderstandings and confusion in the relationship between his brother and his sister-in-law Aileenalora, who is married to his brother.

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He was responding to the incidents that went viral on social media about the actions of those behind-the-scenes videos in the Nandy ft Alikiba nibakishie song.

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Abdukiba said, “I can’t answer the issue of Ali and his wife because I don’t have them. “

” I don’t know what’s wrong, but in the family, there is no problem because they know we are musicians, ” he added.

” Before we do anything, we will also get permission from our Mamas even though it seems and feels there are different actions, ” he said.

” I also saw a social media post. Its there marriage and consensus is key in everything. His wife was there during the video shooting. Nandy boyfriend Billnass was also there during the same shooting, ” he concluded.

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