Best Jubna Review 2023 -Jubna ads legit or scam? Earn big $3 CPM, 100% ads fill-rate

Best Jubna Review 2023

Jubna was started in 2014 with the goal of making a big difference in how publishing and digital marketing are done in the MENA region.

Dubai Digital Park, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is home to their main office. Toronto, ON, M5C 1C4 in Canada, and B-8 Sector 62 in Noida, India are some other places.

Then, the native ad company made a native ad format that works with a website’s content stream and articles. This improved the number of clicks on ads and made them more visible, while also increasing the number of sales.

Additionally, this meant that publishers would see a high ad click-through rate and a new source of cash for their efforts.

If you are an advertiser, Jubna will show your services or products to millions of people in MENA and even further afield.

And if you are a Premium Publisher looking for a second way to make money, Jubna will work with you to put really interesting native ads on your sites that are relevant to your users’ interests and give you a monthly recurring income, which is often better than regular ads.

Every successful business has a fantastic staff behind it. The native ad company took great pride in having the best brains in MENA for ad tech.

Jubna native ads

This was a big part of why Jubna grew so quickly over the past three years, making it the biggest sponsored content network for Arabic-language websites with more than 12 million users every day.

The ad company only shows the most interesting content, which increases user engagement, clicks, and earnings.

You may alter the size and appearance of your widget as well as the number of links it displays.

At the moment, you can make the most money with Jubna and get paid once a month through PayPal, wire transfer, or USDT.

Get the finest business outcomes by driving quality traffic.

Reach out to active and interested African English users through leading Nigerian outlets. Reach interested clients through leading Nigerian publications.

Gain leads to increase sales for advertisers.

Jubna’s brand-safe publishers and highly visible native advertisements consistently provide outstanding results.

With just $100 and Jubna’s customer service, you can improve the online presence of your business and help it grow quickly.

With Jubna’s easy-to-use interface and detailed monitoring data, you can make changes to your campaign as it goes on.

Jubna payment review

Credit card for advertisers.

Adding money to your account for advertisers is easy and quick when you use any credit card.


On Jubna, you can also add money to or take money out of your PayPal account for advertisers or publishers.

Wire Transfer

Please send a copy of the confirmation of your transfer and your Jubna User ID to in an email.

The minimum payment for publishers

Publishers get paid on the seventh of every month. The minimum payment is $50.

Publisher specifications.

  • The website must not include illegal materials like spyware, malware, adware, or infections.
  • There is no copyright; the material is unique and original.
  • Popups and popunders are not permitted on websites.
  • Accept only websites with unique and original material.
  • No minimum traffic is required.

Ads by Jubna

  • 100% ad-fill rate
  • Very effective advertisements
  • For the USA, UK, India, Australia, and Europe, the eCPM rate is up to $3.
  • Ad-blockers may be avoided via native advertisements.
  • May serve 20 advertisements at once.

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