Peter Waiswa was hospitalized in 2020 recounts shameful Chinese boss kicked his balls


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Kampala, Uganda

Peter Waiswa, a second-year student of Development Studies at Kyambogo is currently admitted at CPR Medical Center in Mukono town.

Peter Waiswa works at Global Paper company. His Asian boss smacked him in the balls without giving him any explanation or warning.

It was the head of the Plywood department at Global, only identified as Chinese boss Liu, who attacked him.

Waiswa secured employment at Global Paper in Mbalala, Mukono.

After the education institutions were forced to close as a result of the Covid-19 lockdown, he looked for work.

According to Waiswa, he made the decision to get a job in order to bring in some extra cash for school expenses and help his single mother care for his nine siblings.

Waiswa had been experiencing abdominal pains, which limited his mobility, and on Monday he was admitted to CPR for treatment.

He explains that while he was picking plywood off-cuts from the warehouse, Liu kicked his manhood for no apparent reason while he was in the warehouse picking up plywood scraps.

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