Mohammed Fungafunga alias Mzee Jengua death, a big blow to Bongo Entertainment

Mohammed Fungafunga 1 Mohammed Fungafunga

The veteran actor in Tanzania, Mohammed Fungafunga, alias comedian Mzee Jengua, died.

Mzee Jengua is well known for playing wicked characters.

Mohammed Fungafunga died on Tuesday morning in Mkuranga, Tanzania Coast region.

The family confirmed his demise, which is a big blow to the entertainment industry in Tanzania.

He started and grew in the world of entertainment under the Kidedea television drama.

Mohammed Fungafunga death
Mohammed Funagfunga death1

The drama was aired by ITV channel and composed by Chemchem Arts Group.

He is well for his constant character in the majority of his movies.

When Fungafunga received a role in a drama series produced by the “Chemchemu Arts Group” in the early 2000s, his celebrity took off.

In the drama, he played a father who doesn’t appreciate his daughters and won’t send them to school while he has a relationship with them.

Due to his violent persona and his desire to pursue young girls, Fungafunga became well known.

He starred alongside Elizabeth Michael in the 2013 film Foolish Age, which won several awards. He also worked on the ‘Siri ya Marehemu’ series with Mzee Majuto.

Mzee Mohammed Fungafunga death

After a protracted battle with a stroke, Fungafunga passed away on December 15, 2020, at Mkuranga in the Pwani Region.

On December 16, 2020, Fungafunga was laid to rest at the Mburahati Cemetery in Dar es Salaam.

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