What you did not know about Godzilla and King Kong 2 nightmare movies

What you did not know

What you didn’t know about Godzilla and King Kong horror films The most anticipated battle between two of cinema’s most iconic monsters is finally revealed.

On one side is the absolute alpha, Godzilla. On the other hand, there is King Kong, the most unlikely victor of the two.

That was the pledge made to the audience by the producers of this King Kong film and they delivered on that promise.

Godzilla vs Kong is an out-and-out warfare, film that wastes no time in setting up the tension. Godzilla has gone rogue and assaulted a government facility without any sort of impulse.

What you did not know in these two movies. Humanity turns to Kong to help them out against the friend-turned-foe. That is the crux of the plot and while the plot itself isn’t that strong and you can almost predict everything that is going to happen, trust me you won’t care.

What you did not know
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You know what you want from this film and the film-makers know what you want from the film. All we want is to see the epic battle between the two.

Without getting into any spoilers, I’ll tell you that there are essentially 3 rounds of the battle between Godzilla and Kong with each winning a round before we get a definite winner.

And these battles were fast-paced, massive in scale and above all, great fun. It just amazes me, how far the technology has come and how good and real these titans look on screen.

I am also thankful that the director, Adam Wingard, showed restraint and didn’t go all Michael Bay over this film. You could see every punch and movement made by these creatures, and it never felt cluttered, unlike in the Transformers movies, where you couldn’t tell whose character was fighting whom.

What you did not know about Godzilla VS Kong

Kong is a fully developed character. His motivations are clear and you relate to him. Kong is the emotional core of the film and you are on his side.

You want him to win. It is evident that he does not have a strong sense of community and does not care much about the power structures that exist in the monster universe. All he wants is a home.

Godzilla on the other hand is a killing machine who has taken upon himself to protect the earth and to make sure that he stays on top of the food chain. Any sort of threat to the existing order and he will be out for blood.

The movie does a great job of balancing these two characters. What you did not know is that the key to this film was to not disappoint the fans on either side.

Nobody wants to see their favourite character lose. But the conclusion will leave both sides satisfied. I know this because my guy lost.

The film isn’t without flaws though. What you did not know about the human characters in the film is that they aren’t interesting enough and don’t offer much. It isn’t a flaw technically.

But everything involving humans felt like a filler which was necessary to reach the climax of the film.

What you did not know in deep is a subplot involving Millie Bobby Brown and her quest to find out why Godzilla went berserk was uninteresting to me and I didn’t care about the quips and the humour injected into serious situations.

But I get why it was put there. You can’t have a film which is essentially just a boxing match between 2 protagonists.

This is one of those films that deserves to be seen on the biggest of screens. This is a film which offers you great entertainment. I was hooked from the very beginning and stayed hooked until the very end. Hopes you have known what you did not know.

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