Top Taboola review for publishers and advertisers, best native ad network for publishers

Taboola review for publishers

Taboola is the most popular platform for finding new content and putting ads in it. Taboola is the best native ad network for publishers and content discovery for all, according to this Taboola review for publishers.

In this Taboola review for publishers and advertisers, Taboola uses precision targeting and retargeting, finds high-quality consumers at scale and nurtures them throughout the buyer’s journey.

Increase sales with a performance-first platform that includes automated bidding, traffic management, and other features.

Along with Adblade and Outbrain, Taboola is one of the most popular paid content networks on the Internet. Many of the “Sponsored Links” and “Stories you might enjoy from across the Web” sections like in the New York Times, TMZ, and USA Today are powered by them.

Taboola review for publishers
top Taboola review for publishers today

Taboola review for publishers and Specifications

  • Terms of the publisher: None.
  • Monthly page visits must be at least 500,000.
  • There are no language requirements for the publisher.
  • Publisher Content that is Prohibited: None.

Advertisers and Special Offers

  • Sponsored Content is a type of advertising.
  • CPC is a type of offer.

Payments option and Minimum threshold

  • Payment options include: Payoneer is a service that allows you to make a direct deposit.
  • Net-45 terms of payment.
  • The amount of money that must be paid out as a minimum is unknown.

What do publishers like the most?

Their customer service is excellent. Their response and knowledge are amazing. Their product and user interface are both simple to use and beneficial to publishers.

Before this Taboola review for publishers, We’ve been really happy with this service for our clients and the additional money they’ve been able to generate.

Taboola review for publishers
Taboola review for publishers and advertisers

Taboola review for publishers & advertisers

Patrica a publisher said, ” Please save your money and go to Facebook, where the algorithm is stronger and the traffic is much better. When it comes to admitting publishers (you can have 500K monthly visits), Taboola doesn’t have enough requirements; many of them transmit bots, and you have to follow your ad all day and block the sites that send bots. 

Furthermore, they take an eternity to accept your ad. Please don’t be deceived by cheap clicks; instead, look into another option; FB is the best I’ve found so far, and if you have good material, you can receive high-quality inexpensive clicks.”

Rodgers on Trust Pilot posted, ” Money wasted poor traffic quality and no reimbursements. I’m not sure how I managed to stay with this firm for so long; I squandered a lot of money listening to manager Mark’s nonsense and assuming things would get better. 

He initially stated that there was an error in their settings and that they would return my money; however, once they corrected their settings, I received less than 0.3% of conversions.

I continued to spend more and more money, and when I finally halted all of the campaigns, I received notice that they would not even give me the refund they had promised. No more explanations are required. Unpleasant business.

Publishers most Dislikes

Their reporting UI is a touch cumbersome, so you have to pull a lot of various methods to get the data in different spreadsheets – it takes a little longer to finish the internal reporting we have, but nothing we can’t manage.

Nevertheless, As the Taboola review for publishers ends, now website owners know more revenue points. On the publisher side of the world, native advertising is all the rage right now, and there are a number of competitors in this sector – Taboola has been fantastic to deal with.

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