[SOLVED] Try to replace embedded objects with HTML5 alternatives problem in WordPress

Try to replace embedded objects

Have you come accross ” Try to replace embedded objects with HTML5 alternatives problem?” Worpress blocks have been with constant problems as they continue to implement solutions. This is because everyday new plugins are being developed.

For those using SEO plugin named RankMath has been showing results of the popular content management System analysis that the developer could use in making the site performance better.

Your page makes 28 requests. More than 20 requests can result in slow page loading.
total: 28
images: 20
javascript: 5
stylesheets: 3

It is not advised to use embedded objects such a Map and video iframes because it will be penalized and harm your SEO and give link juice to the site that you are embedding from.

Try to replace embedded objects

It is recommended to replace any embeds with HTML5 alternatives.

Some JS and CSS cannot be minified when referenced from outside hence adding the number of loading objects in the website.

Since the JS that you have referenced is loaded from a different website, it would not make sense for you to compress it on your end. On the other hand, you could try contacting the plugin’s author to see if they could be of any further assistance.

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