PurpleAds review for publishers and advertisers, payments, Ad types in easy installation steps

Purpleads review for pulishers and advertisers

PurpleAds review for publishers and advertisers. It is not a scam. PurpleAds has emerged as the most effective Adsense substitute. It is an online advertising network that helps accomplish the needs of advertisers and publishers.

The revenue models of this network are CPC and CPM for both small and large advertising.

Do you want to improve traffic on your site? Sign-up as an advertiser and run CPM based campaigns.

PurpleAds review for publishers

Publishers can start monetizing by showing ads on their approved websites. 

The Purpleads team take between 24 hours – 48 hours for reviewing both display ads and websites approvals. When approved, the ads set up is displayed in a friendly dashboard. 

Scam or Legit? Its Headquarters.

According to the review that Purpleads provides for publishers, the company is legitimate and pays. On the Purpleads advertising network, they have over a thousand different publishers signed up. Purpleads’ headquarters are in Beersheba, Southern District, Israel.

They only have one payment method which is easier and with little threshold.

PurpleAds requirements for publishers and Advertisers

  • The Purpleads is consistent with other ad networks or affiliate networks like Adsense or
  • All the ads are clean and maintain quality.
  • The Purpleads supplies highly engaging ad formats.
  • You get profited from both mobile and desktop traffic.
  • Purpleads pay publishers on time.
  • Can be integrated with google Adsense ads.
Purpleads review for publishers and advertisers. It is not a scam
Purpleads review for pulishers and Advertisers 1

How to Join The PurpleAds Ad Network?

Payment Methods

  • The payments are on a Net 7 basis.
  • Payout threshold at least $20
  • The payment method is PayPal.

For questions, contact the Support Team

For questions regarding ads and monetization or advertisements, then reach the support team at

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