Pubfuture review, impressive ad network for bloggers and mainstream media in 2023

Pubfuture review. How does pub future ads increase earnings?

Because it is a Google Certified Premium Publisher, Pubfuture has the resources for those looking to maximize revenue from their websites. In this Pubfuture review, we’ll find out more.

Pubfuture is a great ad network that will make bloggers and mainstream media earn a lot more money in 2023 than they would with other ad networks.

The Pubfuture ad network outperforms competing ad networks by providing superior customer care service and full stack optimization. In addition, the Pubfuture ad network partners with premium advertisers, which results in higher ad revenue when compared to competing ad networks.

That is made possible by having a real-time header bidding, meaning the advertiser who pays more will win the auction and shows advertisements. This feature definitely increases earnings.

With over 10 years of experience in the advertising market, Pubfuture ad network boasts for having honest leverage fully transparent ad technology.

Pubfuture review on ads fill rate

Header bidding, real time bidding (RTB), Private Market Place (PMP), and other advertising-related tasks can all be managed through the centralized system provided by the Ad network.

They have established collaborative relationships with the most cutting-edge demands and ad exchanges, which makes it possible for the fillrate of inventory to increase to one hundred percent without resulting in any loss of revenue.

 Pubfuture review on ads fill rate
Pubfuture review impressive ad network for bloggers legit or scam

That means that with Pubfuture, the publisher has a full ad network solution that is ready to optimize ads and bring in more money from ads. It also works on the CPM model. That makes it possible for publishers to earn money based on a revenue per mile (1000 impressions).

The advertising network brags about having over 100 or more premium advertising network partners, all of whom contribute to an increased earning pool. Nevertheless, it is dependent on the particular market, the types of traffic, and the format.

Pubfuture review on impressions

The ad network follows Google’s policies in terms of content. The cost per thousand impressions (CPM) can be anywhere from one dollar to fifteen dollars. The exact amount depends on where the traffic is coming from. CPMs are favorable for sites with quality traffic coming from top-tier nations.

Pubfuture payment methods, minimum threshold

The ad network payment model shows that it operates on a net-15 basis. That means that within 10–15 days of the end of the preceding month, the earnings will be transferred to the chosen payment method.

The minimum amount(Threshold) needed for Paypal or Payoneer payment methods is $50 while for bitcoin or wire transfer is $500 & $1000 respectively.

Pubfuture review on Ad Formats

The advertising firm offers a variety of display advertisements, such as banners, interstitials, sticky banners, and interscroller ads. IAB has given their seal of approval to each and every advertisement.

 Pubfuture review on ads fill rate
Pubfuture review impressive ad network for bloggers and domain rating

In addition to this, the advertising network makes use of native advertisements that blend in seamlessly with the assistance of intelligent content recommendation technology. This assists in the creation of high-quality advertisements that are a good fit for the site’s niche.

The firm also uses Outstream and Instream Videos ads with smart features like the close button, sticky, floating and in-content floating video advertising with no latency risk.

Can Pubfuture ads be compatible with Adsense Ads?

Pubfuture has been selected as a Google Premium Partner. Google is among the Pubfuture premium advertisers. Webmasters can use their ads in conjunction with Google Adsense ads.

The advertising network guarantees higher revenue than Adsense with advanced technology and other advertisers who are not available in AdSense through AdExchange, Header Bidding, Open Bidding and Private deals.

The experts at Pubfuture will tell you which ad units, like interstitial, video, or sticky ads, have the best chance of making money but aren’t supported by AdSense. To make the most of the inventory, they keep close relationships with publishers and optimize their settings in the most efficient ways possible. Performance is taken into account.

Pubfuture traffic required, signing up/registration and setup

According to the review on impressions provided by Pubfuture, the minimum number of page views required to sign up is 100,000 per month. The signing process is easy. It is done at the website.

The update and crawl process for Ads.txt can take up to 24 hours. After this time, the script code will show ads. Demands can take a few days to approve a website, so you’ll have to wait at least a week to see the optimized revenue earnings.

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