Top Pixfuture ad review for publishers to easily make 10X Adsense revenue

pixfuture review

Pixfuture is a high-end ad network that assists publishers in increasing ad revenue. In this pixfuture ad review, detailed information will be availed.

Their headquarters are in Toronto, Canada. They have successful ads crusades in 25 languages throughout the world.

Now, in this article, we’ll present you with an unbiased analysis of the Pixfuture ad network so that you can decide for yourself whether or not to use this ad partner.

Pixfuture ad review on traffic

So far, there are no precise traffic criteria for this advertiser. However, to be accepted, you must have adequate traffic. We were getting over 100000 pageviews every month before Pixfuture approved our site.

Pixfuture ad review for publishers

Why choose Pixfuture

  • The cost per thousand impressions (CPM) is greater.
  • You can make a lot more money than using AdSense. In comparison to AdSense, Pixfuture can provide you with more benefits.
  • The fill rate is satisfactory. They claim to be able to provide a 100% fill rate. This ad network is also able to provide a 100% fill rate.
  • The approval procedure is simple. It only takes a few days for your application to be approved.
  • Their email customer service is excellent. They come to my aid every time I contact them via email.
Pixfuture ad review for publishers

Why rethink choosing Pixfuture

  • Slows down your website. You must use a JavaScript file for each display ad unit. If you have five ad units, for example, you’ll need five JavaScript files. It takes longer to load, and the site itself takes longer to load.
  • Payoneer is a popular method of payment for many blogs. This is due to the fact that it costs a significantly lesser fee than PayPal. However, Pixfuture does not accept Payoneer withdrawals.
  • The UI and style of the dashboard are abysmal. They also don’t maintain track of past payments they’ve made.

This ad network is a wonderful place to start looking for a solid ad network that pays well. On news pages, Pixfuture performs effectively.

After reading this Pixfuture for Publishers review, we hope you have some thoughts about this ad network.

Premium Ads for Publishers

PixFuture is the only firm of its sort, and it is led by publishing industry professionals. Because we’ve been in your position before, we know the right questions to ask, and we’re better equipped to help you achieve your goals by utilizing our video and display advertising technologies.

“We’ve spent years developing the right technology to help you effectively monetise your content,” they wrote on their platform.

40,000+ monthly campaigns targeting an audience throughout the portfolio of publications. Use data from demographic, semantic, behavioural, and contextual sources to target inventory audiences across hundreds of premium sites, and reach the consumers you desire using a number of regional criteria.


  • Global Reach with Maximum Profitability
  • Geo-targeted Ads,
  • Audience-targeted Ads,
  • Content-targeted Ads, and so on.
  • COPPA compliance
  • Active Block List Management
  • Pre-approved Creatives


  • Campaigns from some of the world’s most well-known brands
  • High Fill Rates at Maximum CPMs
  • Device Delivery
  • Single-Step Integration
  • Robust Analytics

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