Optad360 ad network review -Legit or scam? Has high CPM rates, easy ad integration AI feature

Optad360 ad network review

Optad360 ad network is a premium video, banner display, and customized ad network for publishers. Optad360 review gives an overview of what to expect before signing up.

Publishers can make money off of their websites, apps, and videos by using Optad360, which is an advertising network, a partner with Google Ads, and a monetization company.

Optad360 ad network review with Google’s Adsense

On optad360, one can use it with Adsense on the side and with the help of Google ad manager MCM. The optad360 premium ad network works like valueimpression on header ad bidding.

Optad360 ad network review
Optad360 ad network review

Optad360 legit or Scam? Optad360 remove

Optad360 is not a scam but a legit ad network with proof of payment and operations.

Optad360 has many premium ad partners who place bids every time an ad request is on your site and pay high. 

So clearly Google Adsense wins bids most of the time and show high stake ads on the side.

Optad360 review featured ads

Optad360 provides video advertisements by way of Google Ad Manager, which enables video advertisement units and has a CPM that is significantly higher than that of banner advertisements.

Optad360 is astute; there is no need to include code on every advertisement. Only one JS code is used; the rest is handled by AI smart software. Just like Google’s auto ads feature. 

Optad360 is a google certified partner which offers various services. Its AI engine, similar to Ezoic, can be used as an Adsense ad optimization feature, resulting in increased ad revenue.

Optad360 ad network review
Optad360 ad network review banner

Optad360 ads payment method

It’s only a $100 minimum payout required on optad360 with no transfer fees and extra charges on the earnings.

All the popular payment methods available including Paypal, Wire transfer (Bank), Payoneer or the account manager can help the publisher with custom options.

Earnings are held by Optad360 for a period of one month before being transferred on the 25th of the following month. The same way that AdSense does on the 21st of the following month.

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