Huba actress Getrude Mwita ‘Kibibi’ reveals how her best mum married another woman

Huba's Getrude Mwita or Kibibi photo

Gertrude Mwita, alias Kibibi, of the telenovela “Huba,” has revealed that her late mother was married to another woman. Getrude Mwita said that her mother followed their customs in doing so.

In a question-and-answer session with Ayo TV, the actress and video vixen discussed:

“My mother was married to another lady.” According to Getrude Mwita, tradition dictates that if a man is already married but is unable to procreate, he is allowed to marry another woman in order to help him do so.

Getrude Mwita’s family and siblings

“Additionally, you must be affluent. You have the option of marrying two, three, or four ladies. A specific lady contacted the family of my mother and announced her intention to wed them, offering 40 cows as dowry.”

“My mother was to remain in that household and have children; she was not to be remarried to anybody else.”

“There were 7 of us, but 3 of us died. My mother’s ‘Woman’ husband was married, but the two of them were childless.”

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