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Fatchilli media is a premium advertising platform for publishers. Fatchilli for Publishers, also known as FatChilli Ads for Publishers, is an advertising network that is certified by Google and is a premium partner of Google’s publisher program. How do I submit an application for an ad on Fatchilli? How is Fatchilli different from Adsense?

Fatchilli reviews all premium advertisers and selects the highest-paid bidding for publishers’ websites.

FatChilli goes above and beyond the scope of traditional publicity to provide premium programmatic advertising.

FatChilli Media was founded in 2002 and now a full-stack tech-biz team with hundreds of successful projects.

More than 1000 monetized sites on three continents running on FatChilli.

Premium 360° content monetization form from programmatic media channel to subscriptions.

FatChilli media assists digital publishers in maximizing the potential of programmatic advertising within their platforms.

It is beyond ad revenue. They help in content discovery and improving search performance.

Monetization solutions are something that the media company offers to both small and large publishers.

ADSENSE Vs FatChilli media

Are you an Adsense user?
Just get more than what AdSense has to deliver.

Fatchilli media Advanced settings not accessible through a sense. The media gives full control over the monetization features and your content.

FatChilli Ads review

  • Price floors settings
  • Lazy loading ads
  • Waterfall administration
  • Google AdManager integration

FatChilli media gives access to the advertisers not accessible in googles’ AdSense.

FatChilli provides an entry to an inventory of advertisers offering higher CPM than in Adsense.

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FatChilli media advertisers inventory

  • AdExchange inventory
  • Header bidding
  • Open bidding
  • Private deals

The company gives a tailor-made project proposals. Each undertaking is distinct. We’ll provide you with tips and tricks tailored to your web.

The firm gives an individual approach with experience of several years of know-how.

The media company brags being the best digital publishers. Tailor-made tech and consulting services for your online publishing business

Website Monetization occurs through a thorough programmatic advertising.

FatChilli Media features

Web development and Core Web Vitals Optimization are also accommodated in the to boost website performance.

Web analytics and Business intelligence technology integrated. FatChilli is among the top media companies invested in technology.

UX and Conversion rate optimisation features available.

FatChilli looks into revenue diversification from a wider range of sources.

Business consulting for large publishers for better management.

FatChilli searches for new opportunities for your project. There are Endless possibilities and with no enough time for developers. What brings the value or what is a waste of your time?

FatChilli for publishers design

  • Target audience analysis
  • Data reports
  • New products design
  • New conversion points

FatChilli fine-tunes your site for your audience to love it. Who are your readers and why are they loyal?

FatChilli Media website fine-tune

  • Website usability analysis
  • Page load and web vitals
  • Quality content identification
  • New traffic sources

FatChilli ads Audience engagement and readership loyalty tools.

FatChill Media integrate different tools to work with website visitors more effectively.

Some of the tools include;

  • Newsletters and email marketing
  • Subscription system
  • Advanced data collection settings
  • Transparent reporting for your team

Fatchilli payment ads methods

Payment options are either bank transfer or Pay Pal.

FatChilli ads requirements

  • Ads must be visible.
  • Website layout must meet standards
  • Minimum traffic of 50K per month
  • Content must be clean with no gambling or Adult articles.

FatChilli ads Types

  • Standard display ads
  • Native ads
  • Interstitial
  • Sticky formats
  • Video formats
  • Interscroller

FatChilli media ads are better compared to Adsense, Medianet among others.

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