Bigpesa jackpot bonuses make gamblers exciting, crazy and salivating, 13-16 leg bonus

Bigpesa jackpot bonuses

Bigpesa jackpot bonuses are among the top unique and sure bonuses from the betting market.

Players who sign up for BigPesa, Kenya’s most popular online betting platform, are eligible to receive a free entry into the BigPesa Jackpot, which currently stands at 11,000,000 KES, as well as earn 100% cashback on their first bet.

BigPesa has jackpot bonuses ranging from 13 correct predictions to 15 out of 16 legs.

With 13 out of 16 correct legs, each player earns Sh 10,000, 14 out of 16 correct legs bonus is Sh 50,000 each while 15 out of 16 legs bonus is Sh 100,000 shared bonus.

Bigpesa has a stake refund feature that is uniquely used. It’s only in the bigpesa where the gaming company refund lost bets with one bet lost in a multi-bet.

Bigpesa jackpot bonuses news
Bigpesa jackpot bonuses list

The refund occurs in a multi-bet of 5 legs with each having a minimum of 1.5 odd. The Minimum stake is Sh 100.

Boosting odds automatically is done to players with odds above 3 and with a stake of Sh 1000.

Every rule fulfilled in odds boosting has a 20% increment in returns.
There is a sure welcome bonus of 50% up to Sh 100. The deposit amounts range from Sh 50 to Sh 20,000.

Bigpesa jackpot bonuses entice players

Bigpesa jackpot bonuses are among the sure and better bonuses among the gaming companies in Kenya.

Bigpesa gaming platform was created by mastermind sports Ltd in London, the united kingdom.

Zootr Sports Private LTD created the Bigpesa and running in Kenya under NZ world Kenya Pvt Ltd.

Bigpesa jackpot bonuses exist only for registered users. Players also have a levels bonus. The LEVEL UP BONUS accrues points that can be redeemed for cash or betting legs.

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