Betsafe Jackpot Bonuses on the safe middle jackpot excites players

Betsafe Jackpot bonuses
Betsafe Jackpot bonuses

Betsafe Jackpot bonuses in Kenya are another exciting competitor for gaming users and fans. There is a whopping Sh 20 Million Betsafe safe middle Jackpot up for grabs, and the minimum required wager is only Sh 20.

The jackpot has up to 7 legs combinations out of the 14 legs outlined. Since its arrival in Kenya in 2017 and sponsorship of the Gor and AFC Leopards, the gaming platform has revolutionized the Kenyan gaming industry.

With years experience 14 years global under the ownership of Betsson AB operating under Betsson Group, a company headquartered in Malta, Betsafe has now revolved and established in many countries across Africa including Kenya. 

1. MultiBet Odds Booster

Odds booster increases the cash to win and in countries like Kenya, the booster overcomes the increased Value added tax. Kenya introduced other tax titles that affected much on gaming companies. 

Betsafe Jackpot bonuses in Kenya
Betsafe Jackpot bonuses photo in Kenya

The odds booster takes effect from 4+ selections with a minimum of 1.20 odds per match.

2. Betsafe Cashout feature

The cashout feature is a favorite among gamers and players for a number of reasons. The most important thing is ensuring that the bet is successful.

Betsafe is set to introduce the cashout feature. Cashout helps you get part of the stake if something happens to the match. There are a number of factors that can lead to a player losing a leg, including red cards, poor ground conditions, match fixing, and injuries.

3. Customer Service

Betsafe excellent Customer service gives instant replies on both calls based and chat-based support streams.

4. Home of Jackpots

There are several jackpot bonuses available at Betsafe Middle East. The jackpot increased from 12 to 15 legs, with good bonuses on each leg.

5. Betsafe Jackpot bonuses

The Betsafe Jackpot bonuses are shared among the qualified players. Players with 12/15 to 14/15 are entitled to runners up jackpot bonuses. 

Betsafe has a daily Sh 200,000 jackpot. The jackpot does not have runner-up bonuses but even awards the highest player with the most correct selections.

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