Best MonetizeMore review for publishers looking to make over $1000 in a matter of days

best monetizemore review

MonetizeMore, a fast-growing ad tech startup, manages over 700 publishers. The management of advertisements will be the primary focus of this MonetizeMore review. It is difficult to sign up with them, despite the fact that it is one of the best platforms for publishers.

They do a good job of delivering AdX demand, evaluating sites, enrolling users, and making sites look better, but their special features for larger publishers are even better.

Those interested in MonetizeMore are at the correct spot. This page reviews the tools, costs, and advantages.

MonetizeMore was started in 2010 by Kean Graham. They’ve helped hundreds of authors improve their ad inventory.

Since 2020, MonetizeMore has been a Google North America Certified Publisher Partner and an ad tech expert that Google knows about.

The 2020 Publisher Innovation of the Year Award went to Traffic Cop, which is not a good way to fix traffic problems.

Thanks to the company, UsedEverywhere, which is Canada’s largest online classified network, made millions more dollars from ads.

After the first achievement, MonetizeMore adapted their improved strategy to additional premium publishers.

MonetizeMore saw Google’s free offering and consistent quality, so the two firms partnered together to grant MonetizeMore a Google Ad Exchange master account (AdX). The ad network might then supply AdX requests to their publisher partners.

The Ad network was able to enhance its publishers’ advertising effectiveness using AdX, a top display ad monetization platform. As collaboration developed, the Ad network became a Google Certified Partner in 2014.

Google approved the ad network as a partner because of their expertise in delegated ad management and professional usage of AdX, AdSense, and DoubleClick for Publishers (now Google Ad Manager, combining DFP and AdX).

PubGuru is a business analytics program built for Ad Ops teams. Google Ad Manager helps publishers examine ad signal strength, manage revenue differences, monitor Google policy breaches, and provide comprehensive multivariate reports.

best monetizemore review
best monetizemore review

The Ad network lets publishers handle ad optimization in one location. PubGuru provides publishers with reports and tools such as:

  • Evaluate the results of their whole ad network in one report at ease.
  • Investigate ad network differences in more detail and save hours of manual effort.
  • UTMs may compare ad campaign performance.
  • It notifies you of ad-setting errors and how to fix them.
  • AdSense identifies any possible content policy violations and supports you in resolving them before account suspension.

Best monetizemore review on PubGuru Ad tool

MonetizeMore’s PubGuru Ad Inspector is a free tool that helps publishers debug any ad arrangement for any website. It’s also absolutely free, which is amazing!

This Chrome extension lets you see ads, header auction winners, technical logs, GDPR compliance, and more. It’s a Swiss army knife for publishers who wish to enhance their troubleshooting work and spend less time on out-of-date technologies.

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