Bamba TV decoder channel list, registration, free to air Bamba channels

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Bamba TV decoder channel list The decoder is free-to-air with no monthly subscriptions. Bamba TV rose from having few decoders to having the majority share of free-to-air decoders in Kenya.

Lancia Digital Broadcast Limited, which is part of Radio Africa Group, brought the Bamba TV Decoder to the Kenyan market on December 22, 2014. Bamba TV decoder channels 2022 and 2023. How do you unlock Bamba TV channels?

This was due to Kenya’s transition to digital television. Bamba TV is one of Kenya’s current free-to-air decoders. By signing up for Bamba TV, you’ll join a long list of consumers who value access to high-quality programming and free-to-air channels.

Television viewers who have purchased and registered their Bamba decoders love being able to watch local and international channels that are not available on other Kenyan digital television platforms.

As a result, acquiring a Bamba tv decoder is a good idea because it offers premium channels that would otherwise be unavailable on paid advanced boxes.

Bamba TV Decoder channel list in Kenya photo
Bamba TV Decoder

The Bamba decoder has a competitive advantage in the market because it has free-to-air channels. On other computerized platforms, you have to pay to watch these channels.

In addition, enrollment should be possible while sitting in the convenience of your own home, as the only requirement will be that you communicate the necessary information via telephone.

If you have a Bamba TV decoder, you will be able to watch out for 50 local and international channels.

Bamba TV signals are available throughout Kenya, which is significant given that Kenyans continue to enjoy high-quality television programming at no additional cost.

News, entertainment, drama, and sports are all available on Bamba channels. Due to the fact that they are over-the-air channels, Bamba TV decoders in Kenya have access to Kenyan ADN channels.

The Bamba TV registration process is simple enough for any client to complete and enjoy premium channels for free.

The Bamba team recommends that you register for Bamba TV within 60 days of acquiring your decoder; else, your decoder will be deactivated.

Registration of Bamba TV decoder

Unregistered Bamba decoders are locked on a total of 21 channels in Nairobi and 11 across the country. Justice TV, Classic TV, Recipe TV, Comedy TV, Smile TV, TBN, EWTN, Peace TV, Destination TV, Aljazeera, Cars TV, RT News, DW, NHK, France 24, Freckles, WWX, Men 7 and Estv are among the networks available to be locked.

To register for Bamba TV Kenya, provide the following information to your complete name, ID number, mobile number, location, set up box serial number, and smart card number.

By dialling *297#, you can also activate your decoder and view the restricted channels.

Unregistered Bamba TV Decoder locked channels.

These are the channels that are locked on Bamba decoders and digital TV sets that have not been registered;

  • Africa Sinema Channel
  • Justice TV
  • Classic TV
  • Recipe TV
  • Comedy TV
  • Smile TV
  • TBN Peace TV
  • Destination TV
  • Aljazeera TV
  • Cars TV
  • Smile TV
  • TBN
  • NHK
  • France 24
  • Freckles
  • WWX
  • Men X
  • ESTV

These are the international channels available for viewing after registering the Bamba TV decoder;

  • NHK World
  • IFilm
  • EWTN,
  • Africa Movie Channels,
  • Cars TV,
  • Nollywood Movies,
  • France 24,
  • Movie Club,
  • Fashion TV,
  • Deutsche Welle,
  • Peace TV,
  • Romanza TV,
  • Comedy TV,
  • Smile TV,
  • Justice TV,
  • Recipe TV,
  • Events channel,
  • RT News,
  • Aljazeera TV

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