Approved Outbrain review for publishers and advertisers to easily earn $1000 from blogs

Outbrain review for publishers

Outbrain review for publishers and advertisers. Outbrain is a sponsored content network that allows publishers to advertise their content while also earning revenue from sponsored content served on their sites. 

Even though sponsored content is a relatively new and unique way to make money, it has a very low earning potential compared to more common ways like display advertising or affiliate marketing.

Outbrain review on widgets

However, with high traffic, a publisher can make meaningful revenue with Outbrain’s site widget.

Outbrain review for publishers and advertisers
Outbrain review for publishers and advertisers

What does a publisher need?

  • Visit the Publisher Terms
  • Traffic Minimum: 10 million monthly US article page views.
  • Publisher Language Requirement: None.
  • Prohibited Publisher Content: Adult, alcohol, financial services, gambling, games/contests/sweepstakes, health services, subscriber-only content, pornography, weaponry, illegal drugs or tobacco, non-government-approved pharmaceuticals and supplements, malware, hate, scams, bad user experience.

Outbrain review for publishers reporting

The publisher signs into a panel using the straightforward Outbrain publisher control. Under the “Site Performance” section, you can see reports on the most popular content and a detailed report of clicks and CTR.

The reporting panel is very basic while data is being delayed for one day.

What is the Outbrain minimum payment threshold? 

The minimum payment threshold is $50 for payments made in accordance with personal or individual terms of agreement, as well as the mode of payment.

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