AdThrive review – Best ad network and Mediavine alternative 2022

AdThrive review photo adthrive video ads

AdThrive review. AdThrive is a full-service advertising management company that helps its clients with a wide range of advertising needs. There is also an alternative to Google Adsense called AdThrive. It’s the best ad network that carries many top bloggers with video ads.

AdThrive is a full-service ad management company that assists bloggers in maximizing the earnings from their advertising spaces. This is accomplished by determining the most effective ad layout and supervising the ad auctions that determine which advertisements will be displayed.

AdThrive review and foundation

AdThrive review photo adthrive video ads
AdThrive review adthrive ads technology

Established in 2013 by a husband-and-wife blogging team, AdThrive had a goal of assisting creators in boosting their ad revenue and building their dream businesses by establishing significant digital content.

In 2016, they joined forces with CafeMedia, a well-known digital media company, to give bloggers even more trustworthy help.

However, becoming a member of this premium advertising network is not a simple process. This AdThrive review was written at a time when there were fewer than 5000 publishers who were able to make use of the opportunities presented by this ad network.

AdThrive dashboard

In this Adthrive review, the dashboard has specific reports that give publishers a lot of information. It includes information on specific ad earnings and performance, a RPM breakdown, as well as understandings of traffic flow.

AdThrive minimum ads and formats

The AdThrive advertising network requires a minimum of three ads to be live and visible on the website at all times, regardless of the device being used.

AdThrive review photo adthrive video ads
AdThrive review

AdThrive’s ad format includes video ads, which can help generate more revenue.

Also, Adthrive pays 75% of earnings to the publishers. The percentage of total revenue that is distributed to publishers by Google AdSense is only 68%, which is 7% lower than that distributed by AdThrive.

AdThrive’s average RPM ranges from ten to fifteen dollars USD. That means a producer can generate up to 15 dollars per 1,000 pageviews.

Publishers get paid every 45 days via AdThrive. This indicates that the payments for the earnings from January will be made on March 15th. AdThrive advises publishers to include their payment and tax details so that their first payment comes on time. If you get declined on Adthrive, the moneytizer can be a better option.

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