AdsOptimal Review – Is AdsOptimal scam or Legit? AdsOptimal firm suspended for fraud

AdsOptimal review a scam or legit (1)

According to this AdsOptimal review, the company might be a rip-off because it may withhold or suspend payments for its own purposes, especially for users outside of the United States. In addition, the advertising network has been put on hold due to allegations of fraud and money laundering.

AdsOptimal is a CPM ad network located in San Francisco, US. It was founded in 2012 and is deemed as one of the best solutions for monetizing website content on mobile platforms.

According to this AdsOptimal review, the company provides ads that are well-structured, are compatible with a wide variety of themes, and do not cause the website or app to run more slowly.

AdsOptimal is partnered with googles’ AdSense and DFP (DoubleClick for Publishers), Criteo among other premium advertisers which ensure its credibility and quality of advertising.

It is simple to gain approval from the AdsOptimal ad network because all they look at is the site’s structure and its content. They do not have strict requirements for account approvals.

AdsOptimal review ads formats

There are three ad types delivered by AdsOptimal that is; Page Level Ads, Video and Inline Ads.

AdsOptimal payment methods

AdsOptimal provides two payment methods – Paypal or Check. 

AdsOptimal Scam or Legit

Due to problems that AdsOptimal was having, the service had been put on hold. Several people have been complaining regarding payment. After some time, the business was reorganized, and it went back to operating normally.

However, publishers within the United States had no issues regarding payments, account deactivation and revenue withhold.

Some of the publishers outside the united states had problems and some were not paid their dues hence flagged for money laundering and fraud.

The current circumstance is unknown at this time. New publishers do not join this ad network as of now until their situation is solved.

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