AdPlus ads review for publishers, is it a scam or legit? ads vs Adsense in 2023

AdPlus ads review for publishers

Adplus ads review. Adplus is an advertising platform for online publishers who are interested in generating sufficient revenue to support their operations. There are two companies with the AdPlus keyword. and, founded in Texas, is one of the world’s top premium ad networks.

Ad.Plus is an advertising company while is a trading company. The review is about the network advertising company.

In this AdPlus ads review, Ad.Plus is the most rapidly expanding video and display ad network. Trusted by over 100+ brands worldwide, Ad.Plus controls trafficking, campaign optimization, media planning, and reporting best outcomes for publishers and advertisers.

Adplus provide InStream (pre-roll), InApp, InBanner, OutStream video formats as well as IAB standard Display ad formats. The ads formats are provided in VAST/VPAID, Javascript and Google IMA ad tags.

Ad.Plus ads types

  • Ad Banners
  • Sticky/Adhesive bottom Ad
  • Native Multiplex
  • In-Article video

In this AdPlus ads review, it is clear that the ads features combination is unique to be found in a single ad provider so they are really great options for those who want to make better earnings. delivers premium inventory to all advertisers to give them maximum visibility. It happens because of the powerful campaign delivery technology, the exclusive formats and top-level support.

Premium Video & Display Formats are the top contenders in the ads network industry. AdPlus has tens of high impact ad formats to choose from.

InStream (pre-roll) & OutStream video formats top the table from the Publishers. Premium above the fold display formats. Display & Video in-App inventory.

Experience customer-service based consulting approach to discover any missed revenue potential and boost earnings.

AdPlus ads review on Payment Options

Ad.Plus payouts are made via wire transfers and PayPal, but can be customized if you speak with your personal manager.

Adplus review on share revenue

AdPlus practices the 80-20 share meaning a publisher gets to keep 80% earning as they remain 20%.

Minimum payment thresholds are $100 and $200 for PayPal and wire transfers respectively.

AdPlus Trading Platform

AdPlus Trading platform is a scam with many people complaining about losing money in trading. Trade at the platform at your own risk.

AdPlus ads review for publishers
AdPlus ads review for publishers 1

AdPlus publishers responses

” These Company and network are fake don’t use, net 30 payment term if you are using 60 days and ask for payment no response, they tell you your account disable all earning deducted, and they don’t pay any single amount,” a publisher said about the authenticity and personal AdPlus ads review.

” That’s precisely the same experience I had with them. Thousands of dollars were lost to them. They claimed the account was disabled, and all earnings were deducted. They also stopped responding to emails. They ain’t transparent. I will advise anyone to avoid them. I’ve lost thousands of dollars to them. You should avoid using them,” another publisher rated on AdPlus ads reviews.

” I also recommend them. Sara is a great account manager there. They offer very competitive CPMs for both video and display advertising and have a good tracking dashboard.” According to James, the publisher of a news website, “They pay Net 30, but it might take a couple of days for you to receive a payment if you choose wire payments.”

” I’ve been running Ad.Plus on my sites for almost a year now. My AdPlus ads review is that much better than AdSense for display and their video formats are $8+ CPM for tier1 countries, ” Ali posted on their response platform.

“I’ve been running their video and display ads for the last 2 years and never had any issues. They always pay on time (Net 30), and their CPM and performance are much better than those of other networks that I tried. Including an anchor ad, responsive ads, and video outstream.

Those people that complain here have most likely been cheated by fake/pop traffic so got their website deactivated. Ad.Plus works with many premium sites such as,, (can verify ads.txt) and they are one of the fastest-growing networks out there with more than 20 billion monthly ad impressions.

“I’m very happy with the performance,” another publisher said.

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