Odibets jackpot bonuses outlined here, 17 leg, the bettor wins Sh 105 Million

Odibets jackpot bonuses

Odibets jackpot bonuses outlined here, 17 leg, the bettor wins Sh 105 Million. Odibets have outlined the bonuses from 12 games to 16 matches.

Odibets now offers a super jackpot with higher bonuses than other gaming platforms in Kenya.

Owned by the son of former Kenyan President, Jimmy introduced Odibets as a successful venture to enrich the community.

Jackpot bonuses from the weekend 17 leg Jackpot range from Sh 5,000 to Sh 50 Million for 12 matches.

Odibets jackpot bonuses

Other bonuses are in the weekday’s jackpots. There are lucrative bonuses that can make a bettor drool and yearn to win.

Jackpot bonuses start with 12 matches and go all the way to all 17 matches. The overall winner of the 17 legs receives Sh105 million.

Odibets has been in existence for a long and having said that, it’s one of the most trusted gaming sites in Kenya.

With a stake of highly low for Jackpot big winnings of Sh 95, Odibets is among the most successful betting firm in Kenya.

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