Why do best publishers require the MonetizeMore ads to monetize blog pageviews?

MonetizeMore review for publishers

Best MonetizeMore review for publishers. The MonetizeMore program gives premium publications a cut of ad revenue growth. No ad management consultant or SSP would risk losing money if they couldn’t get the results that were wanted.

MonetizeMore launched their concept with UsedEverywhere by increasing ad revenue by millions of dollars. MonetizeMore took their successful method to more premium publishers to increase ad revenue and RPMs per page. 

The ad company’s free service and results showed significant improvement, leading Google to award it an AdX master account.

The Ad network company’s free service and results showed significant improvement led Google to award it an AdX master account.

The ad company may then deliver AdX on demand to publisher partners. Using AdX, the best technology for making money from display ads, The Ad Company was able to double the effectiveness of its publishers’ advertising.

The ad company became a Google Certified Partner at the end of 2014. Google approved The Ad Company as nothing more than a partner because of their expertise in handling ad administration and Google AdSense, AdX, and DFP.

The MonetizeMore review for publishers

The Ad company created the MonetizeMore Demand this year. For premium publishers, it prioritizes high page RPM, fast page loads, and clear reporting. By offering AdX, MonetizeMore Demand, and a premium publisher offering, publishers have seen big increases in page RPM.

The ad company has global employees. They say this helps them manage publishers in over 40 countries and practically every time zone. We assume that’s why their help crew works 24/7.

Great page RPM improvements for publishers from any country; tailored ad optimization; specialized ad optimization teams; customizable and honest reporting; responsive assistance; revolutionary ad optimization technology; and flexible price structure.

The Monetizemore Publisher Requirements

  • Publisher’s terms:
  • Minimum traffic: 500k page views per month
  • There are no Publisher language requirements.
  • Prohibited content: For AdX, you must 100% adhere to Google’s terms and conditions. Premium publishers and MonetizeMore Demand must adhere to the terms and conditions of each ad network implemented within the publisher’s ad inventory.

Advertisers and Promotions

  • Advertising types: Every ad type is supported.
  • Offer types: CPM, CPC, CPA
  • Verticals: all types

The MonetizeMore Payment methods

Payment Methods Available:

  • PayPal,
  • ACH,
  • wire transfer.
  • AdX Payment Terms: Net 30
  • $100 is the minimum payout threshold.

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