Elon Musk: Twitter to add new ad free subscription

Top Twitter Ad free subscription by Elon Musk elon musk

More subscriptions on Twitter after the company CEO Elon Musk highlighted that it will provide another subscription for free ad tweeting.

In a tweet, Twitter boss Elon Musk said, “Ads are too frequent and too big on Twitter.” “The company is taking steps to address both in the coming weeks.”

“Also, there will be a higher priced subscription that allows zero ads,” Elon added on an ad-free subscription.

The Ad subscription will be on top of the verification subscription and Twitter Blue subscription.

Twitter also thinks of creating a content creator fund. The fund works by incentivizing those who put up constant content and bring people onto Twitter.

According to Austin Storms, Twitter is the only place to connect with mentors and celebrities more easily.

Storms said, “Twitter is the only platform I’ve experienced where if you respond positively to a celebrity or someone you respect, you’re most likely to connect with them.”

Content Creator monetization

Content creators, however, said they could invest in creating content for Twitter if the firm had a good monetization structure.

“I would invest in the content on Twitter if creators had better monetization tools and a partner program,” content creator Cory Robin said.

CEO Elon Musk on culture Twitter celebrations

Like Google, which celebrates different cultures worldwide, Twitter CEO Elon Musk said, “In the coming months, Twitter will translate and recommend amazing tweets from people in other countries and cultures.”

“There are epic tweets in other countries every day (Japan especially).” Tweets will be translated before being recommended.

“Interesting and entertaining content from around the world is worth seeing,” Elon added in a tweet.

Elon Musk to begin Ad free Twitter subscription soon on top of Twitter Blue and Verification subscription.

“A major Twitter improvement we just released is that you can now bookmark tweets from the tweet details page.” Importantly, bookmarks are *private*, unlike “likes.” “No one other than you can see your bookmarks.”

But can the number of people who have bookmarked tweets be seen by creators?

Elon added, “Yes, that will be added in an upcoming release. Also, if your tweet is bookmarked, it will be treated as a “quiet like” and increment your “likes counter.”

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