Brain processes: 10 little known things that hurts or bomb your brain


They say the heart and the brain never go along. There are things that can bomb your brain or reset controls if not taken care of.

Well, they will if you are taking proper care of them. You need to be impartial, though. You cannot get away with caring for the brain more than the heart and vice versa.

The brain is an organ which controls the other organs of the body. If you think it is only working to make your move and think, then you’re mistaken. Along with these basic things, the brain is constantly steering the biochemical processes in the body by taking part in that process itself.

And like some things hurt the heart and other organs, some things harm the brain.

To stay safe from these issues and have a healthy brain, you should stay away from some objects and, of course, some lifestyle choices in a serious way.

Without further ado, we can discuss them in the rest of this post.

Things That Are Hurting Your Brain

In case you think you are one of those who knows that your brain works even at the time you feel tired or stressed or confused, you’re mistaken, my friend.

The brain is just like the other organs in the body. It needs enough blood supply and nutrients through that supply. It needs to rest. It needs to heal from injuries. You never want to infect it. Above all, overworking the brain is good to a limit. You do that more than the degree of work it needs, creating a problem for it.

Are there things we need to stay away from to keep the brain healthy? Are there lifestyle choices we need to avoid because they can screw the organ up?


We are about to know:

Lack of Sleep

Sleep is the superpower given to human beings by nature.

This is not the word that one may make up on a Saturday evening book club debate or a student’s lecture for the presentation of a project. This is the word of scientists, researchers and, of course, physicians.

It has been found that inadequate sleep results in the death of neurones or nerve cells inside the brain. This may lead to Alzheimer’s and Dementia, which are potentially incurable.

Sleep well to avoid all these issues.

You might also develop certain neurological problems by ignoring sleep and staying up late at night. These might give you issues that may require surgery as well. Brain surgery is a costly matter. But it is an emergency as well. You cannot ignore it.

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Smoking and Alcohol

Why would you choose these losers when you know there are better things to eat and drink in the world?

It is the brain chemistry that makes you addicted to smoking and alcohol. But both of them are dangerous for your health. Smoking may cause brain cells to shrink, resulting in impaired brain functions. You may have poor thinking skills and memory issues. Excessively smokers are at a risk zone of developing Multiple Sclerosis. It is an autoimmune disorder.

Alcohol can lead your brain to brain damage by making chemical imbalances in your brain.

Leave them both to have a happy brain. Try brain drinks instead.

Over-Eating and Consuming too Much Sugary Food and Drink

Eating in moderation is a good practice. Besides, what else can you find in sugary foods but refined flour and bleaching chemicals?

Eating and drinking excessively may turn a little too sour for our brains. Overeating needs more blood supply in the stomach. That means more blood supply in the stomach and liver but less for the brain. It may result in cell death.

You need to control sugary drinks. They can seriously disrupt your body’s ability to absorb nutrients such as protein from food. Not only will they make the brain damaged; but they will also attack the heart; the liver; the kidneys, and many other body organs.

Wait? Not Eating or Skipping Meals?

Although sugar hurts the brain, it is also the compound that the brain needs to function.

Yes, your brain needs sugar to function properly. In simpler words, supply it with pure glucose, and it will work. To offer it to the brain in the right quantities, you must stop skipping meals because you are busy or working hard. Skipping meals is not an achievement or a thing on your bucket list. It is wrong for your health.

If you eat at the right time and do that in the right amount, you may not need to worry about your brain. It will get the necessary sugar it requires to function. You can pay attention to doing other things that keep it healthy such as playing a brain game.


You might think this is not as dangerous as the others mentioned above. Well, stress is as dangerous as a heart blockage. Studies have found that stress may be linked to cancer as well.

It definitely hurts your brain. A sedentary lifestyle; no exercise does not boost your brain health. Rather, it produces the stress hormone called Cortisol at a greater rate, which screws up your internal system and weakens your immune system. It can indirectly affect the brain.

Stress can also cause sleep troubles and depression, which messes up the neuro-chemical production and processes in the brain. This can lead to other sicknesses, such as heart disease or kidney issues.

To Conclude: Lack of Stimulating Thoughts and Activities

Stimulating activities like exercise can release endorphins. It is a happy hormone that rejuvenates your biological processes and does well for the brain.

Do you remember the part of this post where brain games have been suggested? Well, they are not video games, though. Brain games include Chess, Sudoku and Rubik’s Cube, to name a few. These games make a difference in stimulating the brain, which makes it grow and become more powerful, almost like a muscle.

But, as mentioned earlier, keep your brain healthy. But do not overwork it. Make sure you offer the right balance of activity and rest along with proper nutrition.

You will get a good brain.

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