Coinbase 20% job losses, panic over crypto pressure

Coinbase layoffs on crypto

As a means of preserving funds amid the bear market for cryptocurrencies, Coinbase has decided to lay off about twenty percent of its workers.

According to a blog post that was published first thing on Tuesday morning, the exchange has plans to eliminate 950 positions.

Coinbase, which had approximately 4,700 employees as of the end of September, had already cut 18% of its workforce in June, citing a need to manage costs and growing “too quickly” during the bull market.

Coinbase job cuts

Coinbase had approximately 4,700 employees as of the end of September.

“With perfect hindsight, looking back, we should have done more,” CEO Brian Armstrong said in a phone interview with CNBC. “Looking back, looking back, we should have done more.”

The best thing you can do is react quickly once information becomes available, and that’s what we’re doing in this case. “The best you can do is react quickly once information becomes available.”

Coinbase said that the move will generate additional expenditures for the first quarter of between $149 million and $163 million.

Coinbase layoffs

According to a new regulatory filing, Coinbase’s operating expenses will drop by 25% for the quarter that ends in March as a result of layoffs and other restructuring measures.

These measures will be taken in conjunction with one another. The cryptocurrency firm also said that it anticipates its adjusted EBITDA losses for the whole year to fall under the “guardrail” of $500 million that was established the previous year.

As a result of looking at several different stress tests for Coinbase’s annual revenue, Armstrong stated that “it became clear that we would need to reduce expenses to increase our chances of doing well in every scenario,” and that there was “no way” to do so without reducing headcount.

Moreover, he stated that there was “no way” to do so without reducing the head count. In addition to this, the corporation has decided to terminate several initiatives that have a “reduced possibility of success.”

FTX bitcoin pressure

In the last several months, cryptocurrency markets have been shaken to their core as a direct result of the failure of FTX, one of the most significant participants in the sector.

Armstrong spoke to FTX and its creator, Sam Bankman-Fried when he referred to this fallout and the increased pressure that is being placed on the sector as a result of “unscrupulous individuals in the business.”

“A bad eye has been cast on the industry as a consequence of the collapse of FTX and the subsequent contagion,” he said, adding that there are likely more “shoes to drop.”

Armstrong stated that “we may not have seen the last of it” and that there will be increased scrutiny on various companies operating in the space to ensure that they are adhering to the rules.

“We may not have seen the last of it.” “On the whole, this is a positive development.” However, there is still a great deal of market concern in the near term.”

As investors abandon riskier assets in response to a larger economic slowdown, cryptocurrency markets have been hit hard along with the technology stock market.

In the last year, the price of bitcoin has decreased by 58%, while shares of Coinbase have dropped by more than 83%.eAt the end of a period of progress after embarking on a recruiting spree during the COVID epidemic, Coinbase has decided to follow in the footsteps of many other tech businesses and slash staff.

While Salesforce lowered its headcount by more than 7,000 employees or 10%, Amazon announced a week ago that it would be cutting 18,000 positions, which is more than the online retailer first predicted it would shed the previous year.

Meta, Twitter job cuts

Coinbase layoffs on crypto
coinbase on crypto

After assuming the reins as CEO of Twitter a year ago, Elon Musk trimmed the employment by around half, and Meta lost more than 11,000 people, which is 13% of its total workforce.

Additionally, the workforces of the cryptocurrency businesses Genesis, Gemini, and Kraken have been slashed.

According to Armstrong, “Every firm in Silicon Valley had the feeling that we were simply focused on growth, growth, and growth,” and individuals were virtually using their workforce number as a marker of how much success they were making.

“The emphasis right now is on operational efficiency, which is a good thing for both the environment and the industry as a whole because it will help both of those areas thrive.”

Coinbase had said at the beginning of the prior year that it intended to hire 2,000 people across product, engineering, and design.

Armstrong said that he is now working to change the culture at Coinbase so that it can “go back to its start-up beginnings,” which entails having smaller teams that can operate more rapidly.

Coinbase went public in April 2021, and ever since then, the price of its shares has been steadily declining. After reaching a high of $429.54 on the first trading day of its existence, the share price has since dropped below $40.

The price of Coinbase debt that will be due in 2031 has not moved much from its previous level of about 50 cents on the dollar. At the end of September, the corporation still had around $5 billion in cash and equivalents in its accounts.

Coinbase has said that it will communicate with concerned workers through emails sent to their accounts and will terminate their access to corporate systems.

Armstrong agreed that the latter “feels unexpected and harsh,” but he defended his decision by saying that “it’s the only reasonable option given our commitment to secure consumer information.”

Armstrong was certain in his assertion that the sector is not going away, even though there has been a domino effect of bankruptcies in the market as well as a significant decline in trade activity.

According to him, the loss of FTX would eventually be beneficial for Coinbase, since it would mean the elimination of Coinbase’s most significant rival.

It is also possible that regulatory clarity may emerge, and Armstrong said that this “validates” the company’s plan to construct and go public in the United States.

The chief executive officer compared the present climate to the boom and crash that occurred in the dot-com industry.

According to what he had to say, “If you look at the internet era, the finest organizations became even stronger by having strict cost control.” “That is exactly what is going to take place over here.”

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