Bidvertise: Bidvertiser pay per click review, bidvertiser traffic quality and 7 ad types

bidvertiser traffic quality

Bidvertiser offers cutting-edge ad serving and real-time optimization. Its one-of-a-kind solution is made possible by machine learning algorithms that are trained using both current and historical big data.

Sources of traffic that have been reviewed in advance and are intended to generate conversions for bidvertiser advertisers.

For more than ten years, affiliate marketing, online sales, and conversion optimization have been our lifeblood.

They understand the importance of knowing where your traffic is coming from and segmenting it to get the highest conversions possible.

Nothing is concealed, and everything is broken down into its component parts.

Traffic is thoroughly segmented, allowing for precision targeting based on geolocation, user agent, device, browser, Internet service provider, wireless carrier, sub-bid, bid, and time of day. You are in charge of everything.

You are provided with a comprehensive picture of every piece of traffic that you receive, allowing you to optimise in accordance with the data.

Your success is ensured by its automatic optimization, bid-override capabilities, and postbacks.

Bidvertiser Ad types

  • Direct Navigation
  • Pop Under
  • Push Notifications
  • In-Page Push
  • Contextual Pops (Injection)
  • Injection Pops
  • Native Ads

BidVertiser is PPC/CPC ad network for publishers and advertisers offering automated approval.

The advertising network has been around for more than ten years, making it an industry veteran that continues to be a favourite option for affiliate marketers.

In 2008, an advertising network was set up to help solve a problem that many publishers were having, which was that they couldn’t sell their advertising space to advertisers without using automated systems.

The fact that it was built from the ground up in-house by a team of developers in Haifa, Israel, gave BidVertiser complete control over their numerous systems.

This meant that they could quickly change to meet the needs of their customers and the constantly changing market.

They now provide billions of impressions each month, which solidifies their position as a significant participant in the world of advertising.

As an affiliate, you may be surprised to find that the firm also claims over 1,500,000 monthly conversions—a fact that keeps thousands of advertisers coming back every day.

BidVertiser has many locations throughout the globe, including its headquarters in Israel, a service centre in the United Kingdom, and a data centre in the state of California. They distribute their data via AWS and Rackspace Cloud.

Bidvertiser minimum traffic and payments

There is no actual traffic. They only accept quality traffic sites.

Bidvertiser pays monthly. You need to earn and sustain the site every month.

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