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Real content network on ott video advertising

Real content network has been successful in Native Advertising with quality premium inventory, 100% fill rate with ad optimization. Video recommendation units encourage users to click on to more pages on your website, which helps make the most of each session that visitors spend there.

The Real Content Network is a native advertising company that was started with the goal of giving marketers and publishers easy-to-use but very effective tools that would make it easier for them to give their audiences high-performing, real content.

In 2014, David Benoliel founded the company. He is also the co-founder and CEO of the company. The Real Content Network, a Canadian company with its headquarters in Toronto, Ontario, offers native advertising.

Native ads

Delivering content that users find interesting increases the amount of time spent on a website, boosts the viewability of advertising units, and improves the overall user experience.

When compelling content units are combined with premium demand, it is guaranteed that more people will see the ads, which means more money will be made.

Real content network on ott video advertising
Real content network 1

Online Video advertising

Video Ads are generated automatically by utilising the content that you provide.

Video crafted utilising the articles or video feeds you already have, then stylized to match your site’s overall look and feel. You should also make the most of every impression that is delivered and ensure that you never run out of video inventory again.

They also offer Pre-Roll video ads for premium publishers.

Premium Demand

Increased income should be generated from the demand that is sourced by the real content network team. It works all the time, has a high fill rate, and gives you a lot of ways to customise it.

Utilize video to satisfy market demands.

Put the daily video content you make to work for your own marketing. You may even prolong video campaigns by using the marketplace on RCN Studios to make sure you never miss a chance to deliver.

Frequently asked Questions

Where is Real Content Network’s headquarters?

RCN headquarters are in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

What is Real Content Network Email address?

What is Real Content Network Minimum traffic?

Minimum website traffic should be 100,000 per month.

Which is Real Content Network payment methods?

Wire Transfer, Western Union

Which are the Real content Network ad formats?

VAST Video, Display ads(Rectagle, half-page, banner), Native ads

Who is the Real content Network founder?

David Benoliel founded the company in 2014.

Which one is good between real content network ads vs Adsense?

Both are good depends on Niche, users and traffic quality.

Can real content networks ads be used with Adsense?

Yes. It is safe to use with google’s Adsense ads.

What are Real Content Network alternatives?

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