How To Revise And Resubmit Research Paper On A Quality Journal

Resubmit Research Paper

A research paper is one of the best examples of academic writing that aims to explore a particular topic in depth. For writing a research paper, it is necessary to follow some standards of academic writing.

It includes structure, quality and composition. Every writer aims to publish his research paper. The publication of a research paper is the most challenging task. Peer review is something that is a difficult phase for every writer.

Before publication and peer review, it is important to check the sustainability of the research. If you fail to maintain these standards, the examiner will ask you to revise and resubmit your research paper.

Many students have to deal with this resubmission. As per its importance, this article aims to discuss the procedure to revise and resubmit the research paper.

What Does It Mean To Revise And Resubmit?

The news of publication often takes more than one round of submissions to reach the author. Most of the researchers have to deal with multiple revisions and resubmissions. Revision is the amendment to the existing research paper. A senior researcher who reviews your paper is responsible for the quality.

After publication, if a reader finds some mistake in the paper, there will be a question about the reviewer’s credibility. That is why the reviewer is always conscious of every minor aspect of a research paper.

Also, it must be clear to you that there is always more than one reviewer. More numbers of reviewers are ensured to avoid biases in the publication or rejection of the paper. If a reviewer finds something missing or wrong in the paper, he will return it to the author with comments.

As a writer, you have to address those comments. Without working on comments, the publication is impossible. So, it is better to edit and resubmit the research paper properly. The only purpose of revision is to upgrade the quality standards of writing. Therefore, you must take each comment constructively and spend quality time on it.

How Often Do Journals Accept Articles For Resubmission?

As an academic writer, you should be familiar with the term R&R. R&R stands for revise and resubmit research paper. Some writers have to deal with one revision. On the other hand, many writers go through multiple revisions.

The multiple revisions do not mean that the material is not worthy. Multiple revisions are necessary to produce a paper that is professional and can withstand the scrutiny of other researchers.

Sometimes, the change in the senior body causes multiple rejections for publication. For example, four expert researchers have to evaluate the research paper. One of the researchers has reviewed your paper and attached the comments.

In the next round, other researchers identify Some new mistakes in the material. So, there will be more than one revision for you. That is how different rounds help you come up with a standard piece of writing. The revisions increase the chances of acceptance.

What Are the Differences between Reject and Resubmit and Revise and Resubmit?

Resubmit Research Paper

The terms “reject and resubmit” are quite different from revise and resubmit. Let’s discuss both cases one by one.

  • When there is a reject and resubmit case, the senior researcher is not counting your paper for publication. It means that you can go for another source or journal for publication. There can be different reasons behind the rejection of a research paper. One of the reasons can be no demand for the research topic that is under discussion. The journals always prefer to specify a niche. When a senior researcher in one field finds a research paper in another, unrelated field, he rejects it. So, rejection does not always refer to low-quality work. In this case, the senior researcher rejects your paper and allows you to resubmit the research paper on another relevant platform.
  • The second case is related to revision and resubmission. In this case, you have to make some amendments to increase the quality of your paper and then resubmit the research paper.

What Is The Procedure For Revise And Resubmit A Research Paper?

When revising your research paper, avoid making long paragraphs. Instead, break up the material into shorter sentences or paragraphs. Use headings and subheadings to divide the information into easy-to-read sections.

If you follow these guidelines, your response to revise and resubmit the research paper will be more effective, increasing the chances of publication. Before you resubmit the research paper keep the following points in mind to ensure acceptance:

  • First of all, keep yourself calm and read the comments. You have to understand the type of comment. It can be an amendment to existing material, or you have to add something new. So, you have to read all comments to better understand the purpose of the revision.
  • The second step is related to the planning of revision. In this step, highlight the major and minor changes and make a conceptual framework.
  • Now you have a proper plan in front of you. Start with an introduction and follow the right sequence to make amendments. If you randomly start making amendments, it will not work well. Also, you may not be able to logically justify the work. In a logical way, you can better deal with issues.
  • Once you are done with amendments, check the plan you have made at the start. Recheck if you have worked on all comments.
  • Write a response letter to the senior researcher who has provided you with comments. You should not directly resubmit the research paper, but there should be a response letter first.
  • Now you can finally resubmit the research paper after revision.

Final Thoughts

The peer-review system has its shortcomings, especially in an environment where researchers are expected to churn out publication after publication in order to augment their CVs and secure further funding.

But the peer-review system also offers a level of assurance that the work you’re publishing is correct and that any new developments aren’t just being plucked from thin air. Just be sure to review your paper carefully before you submit it for a second time, carefully consider the criticisms made by reviewers, and revise your paper accordingly.

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