Benzema Gets Rid Of Valuable Bandage After Nearly 4 Years.

Karim Benzema plays without bandage 2022

Real Madrid superstar Karim Benzema has returned after the 2022 World Cup slightly differently than expected. Footpack, a French tool company, discovered this.

Benzema had been wearing the bandage since the spring of 2019. Karim Benzema plays his first match after the 2022 World Cup without a plaster.

Genuine Madrid tackled Getafe as part of their preparations for the La Liga return in a training video game. Because of the match, Karim Benzema did not wear a plaster on his right hand. He wore no bandage for the first time in 2019, despite the fact that it is 2019.

Karim Benzema with no bandage

The reasons why Benzema eliminated the bandage have not been revealed.

The reasons that Benzema removed the plaster are not known. However, it appears that he has finally found time for the necessary procedure. He did miss the 2022 Globe Cup with an injury.

Benzema needs the bandage because he suffered an injury to his right hand in the spring of 2019 and aggravated the fracture. In January of that year, Benzema broke the little finger on his right hand in a match against Betis.

Karim Benzema plays without bandage 2022

The initial downtime would have been two months, and an operation would have also been considered, but Benzema chose otherwise; the attacker waited until the end of the season and then continued to play without allowing the handicap to affect him. With plaster, certainly.

In October 2022, Benzema was awarded the 2022 Ballon d’Or. Adidas celebrated the title not only with a special boot and a one-of-a-kind number set but also with a golden bandage.

If Benzela continues without the bandage, Real Madrid’s next legal suit will undoubtedly show.

It’s unclear whether Benzema will be able to play without a plaster. Real Madrid will certainly play their first La Liga match after the 2022 World Cup break on January 30 against Valladolid.

Would you have expected Benzema to do it again without the bandage? Allow us to recognise this in the comments listed below.

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