Powerful Afghan Taliban bans female education, movement, and work

Taliban female education

The Taliban virtually instituted a blanket ban on education for women and dealt one of the most devastating shocks yet to women’s liberties since capturing control last year when they outlawed girls from accessing elementary school, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The Taliban government shut universities to women on Tuesday, quite severely limiting opportunities for Afghan girls and women, who have been excluded from public and occupational life since the pretty difficult transition came to power.

Taliban meeting

The transition government made the announcement on Wednesday.

“In order to travel more than 48 miles or to do fundamental chores like visiting a government facility, seeing a doctor, or hailing a cab, women now require a male guardian.”

Taliban female education

With the exception of education until Wednesday, teaching, and the medical professions, they are prohibited from practically all employment. Women are no longer permitted to enter public parks.

Taliban officials also prohibited female staff, including teachers, from working in schools in a meeting in Kabul with private-school directors, clerics, and community representatives on Wednesday, according to school principals who attended the meeting.

This closed off one of the few professions that had continued to operate for Afghan women under the new government.

Adult women were also informed that visiting mosques and attending religious seminars were no longer permitted.

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