Hooligan Media ads reviews: No minimum traffic, Prebid with highest CPC, CPM

Hooligan media ads review hooligan media

Hooligan Media is an ad exchange network, whereas other networks only offer the most fundamental demand and average CPM.

It has technology that forces hundreds of ad networks to compete with one another for each ad impression; only the highest bidder prevails, boosting your income and rate by more than eightfold.

You will earn more money thanks to the competition between Google AdX and all other ad networks, plus Prebid for each ad impression.

With the greatest ad suppliers and maximum CPM rates, your site is instantly rewarded after a 10-second setup period.

Hooligan media ads review
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No need for traffic

In fact, we’ll accept you even if you have no traffic at all. All publishers should read Hooligan.

For any continent, whether it be America, Africa, Europe, or Asia, there is international traffic and the greatest advertisers.

Why You need Hooligan ads

  • 30 payment terms with a $100 USD payment minimum
  • Simple and swiftWith a single tag setup.
  • Quick approval and immediate monetization are possible.

Hooligan vs Adsense

  • Access to Google Ad Exchange and other top ad networks. 
  • Single-tag setup. 
  • There are no minimum traffic requirements. 
  • Higher CPM rates than AdSense or other networks.
  •  Including prebid. 

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    1. Hooligan ads made me earn over $100 as my first cash from my website just after 3 months of creating the new site. What you need is just an idea.

    2. No traffic requirement and fast approval. I can witness that. I have an experience in my blog.

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