Akili Kids Tv review: Is Akili Kids best for little children?

Akili Kids Tv Akili Network akili kids tv

Akili kids tv has been a revolutionary kids’ entertainment and educational channel in Kenya. The Akili Kids TV owned by Akili Network has been very helpful during the pandemic days in East Africa.


Who owns Akili Kids Tv?

Akili Kids TV is owned by Akili network who co-founder is Jeff Schon.

The 18 million children of Kenya are served by the first commercial-free digital broadcast network, Akili Network Inc., whose CEO and co-founder is Jeff Schon.

Akili Kids Tv CEO Jeff Schon

Is Akili Kids free to air? Is Akili Kids content Free?

The channel is available on digital television, mobile devices, tablets, and computers for free.

You can watch Akili Kids! on free-to-air TV without a subscription. Simply use your digital or smart TV and an aerial to scan the channels and look for this under PANG.

To find out when your favorite shows air, check out their TV guide.

Akili Kids! is so far the only available educational children’s channel in Kenya, and it was launched by Akili Network.

Akili Kids TV Review

Their goal is to inspire and enhance teaching and learning for every Kenyan child, particularly for those who are most truly needy.

Akili Kids funding partners

Every week, children in Kenya between the ages of 7 and 12 are taught money management skills thanks to a partnership between Prudential PLC and the kids’ TV network Akili Kids.

The company’s CSR arm, the Prudence Foundation, started the new program to reach more than six million kids.

Marc Fancy, executive director of the Prudence Foundation, announced the collaboration and stated that the project’s objective is to reach as many kids as possible in Kenya.

The new collaboration will aid in making people aware of Kenya’s Cha-Ching financial literacy initiative. Junior Achievement and the Ministry of Education are collaborators in the program’s implementation in schools.

As part of the new agreement, Cha-Ching, an animated and musical financial literacy program, will air episodes on Akili Kids TV over the course of a year.

The Prudence Foundation created it to help kids build their financial literacy.

Is Akili kids free to air?

Akili Kids TV is free to air and no subscription is required. Akili Kids is available on Signet and ADN channels fro free.

Who owns Akili Network or Akili Kids TV?

The name of the owner and CEO & Co-Founder of Akili Network Inc is Jeff Schon

Which country is Akili kids from?

Akili Kids is the first and only free educational children’s channel in Kenya and now East Africa.

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    1. Good tv station for the kids. My kids just love it. They are just glued on the screen until you tell them to go and rest.

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