Omo washing detergent review, Is new OMO good for laundry?

Omo washing detergent

Omo washing powder and Omo liquid detergent are the best and most widely used detergents worldwide. 

Below are customer reviews. Omo is among the best detergents used globally due to its fragrance. 

Omo washing detergent Customer reviews

Omo washing detergent reviews

For a significant number of years, I have used Omo Active Powder. It works well to remove stains and has a pleasant scent up until recently, when I bought my most recent box a month ago. An artificial perfume has taken the place of the original scent, which kind of turns us off. I wish they would bring back the original smell.

I loved Omo because it smelled wonderful, cleaned well, and was a decent detergent. A sudsy detergent that doesn’t clean at all and leaves garments unclean is the result of the recipe alteration.

I’ve tried a few kinds and discovered that OMO liquid cleans clothes incredibly well and leaves them with a fresh scent! Additionally, my towels and my son’s dirty clothes have never been as clean when I’ve used a different brand of liquid! strongly suggest it and will most certainly purchase it again.

For the past six years, I have been using Omo washing powder. Since I only ever wash in cold water, I wasn’t sure how it would hold up. I don’t even need to soak ruined clothing or pretreat the stains, and I’m always delighted with the results I obtain.

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