4 Popular Fan Rumours About Taylor Swift’s Midnights Album

Fan Rumours

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The singer has dropped her 10th studio album after all the fan rumours. Swifties are already breaking down possible hidden meanings in the songs.

The much-awaited 10th album, “Midnights,” by the 11-time Grammy winner has finally been made public. Swift’s studio album, which has 13 tracks, was released on Friday at midnight (obviously), and the 13 songs sent fans into a frenzy.

Fan Rumours

A few hours later, the singer delivered an unexpected revelation: there were seven more songs, which she dubbed “3 AM tunes.” So, “Midnights (3 am Edition)” has a total of 20 songs, including the 13 songs we’ve already talked about and seven more.

But Taylor has a music video in store for her dedicated followers as well! The 32-year-old musician’s video for “Anti-Hero,” the third song from “Midnights,” was published on Friday morning. View the video up top.

There is no doubt that Swifties are devoted and passionate fans. In fact, Taylor’s most recent album caused Spotify to crash. And, as in the past, a lot of devoted fans rushed to Twitter to discuss “Midnight” and to analyse and decode the song’s underlying messages.

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