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Huba series cast -actors

Huba is a Tanzanian Swahili telenovela that airs live on Maisha Magic Bongo. It is about two competing dynasties whose worlds collide as they fight for power.
As greed and money become their only ways to deal with day-to-day problems, true love becomes their only way to stay alive.

Huba Series debut

But when a thin line of hatred separates them, their future is unclear. Established in 2017, Huba is the longest-running Swahili telenovela broadcast in Tanzania.

It has become the most popular TV show, not only because of its interesting plot but also because it makes new Tanzanian actors into stars overnight.

Directed by Zara Mwangi, Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla own the Huba series through their enterprise Jiffy Pictures production house.

A number of renowned bongo veterans are also represented in the Huba series, including; JB, Grace Mapunda and Fatuma Makongoro.

Cast of Huba television show

  • Muhogo Mchungu
  • Fatuma Makongoro -Bi Sikitu
  • Mboto Salum Haji -Chidi
  • Abdul Ahmed alias Ben Blanco
  • Jacob Stevens alias JB
  • Tito Zibwe -Roy
  • Riyama Ally
  • Faustina Charlies
  • Asha Salum Haji -Tima
  • Nicole Berry -Nicole
  • Ramy Galis -Devy
  • Grace Mapunda -Tesa
  • Ibrahim Chitany
  • Nelly Kamwelu
  • Getrude Mwita -Kibibi
  • Kimlola Kimlola
  • Idrissa Makupa
  • Ben Kinyaiya – Jude
  • Jennifer Kanumba
  • Obineli Colineli
  • Fancy Sally Abdalla
  • Rose Ndauka
  • Marietha Maduhu among others

The first female artist in East Africa to reach 10 million views on YouTube, award-winning Tanzanian singer-songwriter Nandy, has been cast in a major part in the upcoming seventh season.

She plays a musician who has to work hard to let love back into her heart after a terrible betrayal.

Through Lulu Hassan’s executive production business, Jiffy Pictures, which has also brought other fan-favourite Swahili telenovelas, including Kovu, Maza (both on Showmax), Maria, Aziza, Sultana, and Moyo, which are also hers.

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