How to make ghost comments on Facebook? Simple steps below to first ghost comment

ghost comments on facebook anymore

But a recent Facebook phenomenon that involves “ghost remarks” has many users intrigued.
Countless people are asking “how to make ghost comments on Facebook?” If you have the same questions, don’t worry; this page has everything you need to know.


What is a ghost comment on Facebook?

It is obvious that everyone wants to be informed about hot topics and interesting hacks for popular social media networks.

Knowing about these modern hacks not only keeps us in touch with the expanding globe but also informs us of the latest methods that individuals are using.

One of the newest techniques used by users to confound their Facebook friends is commenting blank on Facebook, often known as “Ghost Comments on Facebook.”

As the term indicates, readers can’t really see the comments since they are blank. Follow the instructions below to leave ghost Facebook comments.

ghost comments on facebook anymore

How to make ghost comments on Facebook?

Step By Step on creating a ghost comment on FB

  • Find a post on Facebook after logging in to leave a comment. 
  • After that, type whatever remark you like after that.
  • Then, choose “Send a comment.” 
  • The hack begins at this point, once the remark has been posted on Facebook. 
  • Now click and hold the Facebook remark you just sent. When a pop-up appears on the app, choose “Edit Comment.” 
  • There is nothing you need to do in the “Edit Comment” box.
  • Simply click “Done” to have the program execute your modification. 
  • Not only will this alter the comment, but it will also make it blank.
  • In the comment section, a user will only be able to see your name; your comments will not be shown.

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